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Friday, 5 February 2016

Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil

Now, having said in a previous review about my liking but not loving Ren, there are some Ren products that I do, actually adore, and the Rose Otto range in fact, encompasses all of them. 

In fact, I like the Rose Otto range so much that I actually asked for the bath oil for Christmas, and, husbands being husbands (or more specifically, my husband being  …  my husband) I actually ended up with a bottle of this instead.  And now I have two.  Not bad for someone who never uses body products!  However, taking this into account, these two bottles are probably a life-time supply.

The “Ultra Moisture” body oil (actually, does one have “moisture” in an oil product?  Surely, as they say, moisture is the essence of wetness, and oil is greasy rather than damp, isn’t it?) is a really genuinely lovely product .It doesn’t enhance my bathtime in the same way the, you know, bath oil would had I gotten a bottle. Oh well. Ren Rose Otto Ultra Moisture Body Oil smells delicious. It smells divine. It smells of both the idea of rich red rose petals and a hint of the woody stems beneath.  It smells rich, and it smells expensive.

Now look, the Morrocan Otto scent is a signature of the Ren line, and I beg you, Unilever (who recently bought Ren), to no matter how much you are tempted, not to screw with the formulas of the Rose Otto line at all – I know several hundred people who will stop buying Ren altogether if you do, and they’re already hacked off at you for buying the brand in the first place.  Anyway, I’m digressing, but I need to tell you that the Rose Otto Line contains products that people care about, and if go on to pump them full of mineral oil to save themselves a couple of pence a bottle they will notice, and they wont forgive.  Just so they know.  Oh, and I’ll be one of them. I may even egg them on.

Anyway, back to the review.  I was delighted on trying the oil again recently to discover that roses had “come back” to my nose, as they’ve smelled like burned paper for the last year and a half. Discovering they smell almost normal (in spite of my parosmia) has been great.  The Ultra Moisture Oil is a thick, unctuous oil, that nonetheless seems to sink in quite easily, and it definitely does seem to do good things for drier skins.  My hands are, I’ve noticed, becoming slightly crepey and my forearms have definitely been drier recently, but this oil definitely feels more nourishing than the spray moisturisers I’d been using recently to combat those conditions. Sprays only seem to moisturise the very top layers of the skin, I've found.  A little of this, however, goes a long way, too.

I do also like the redesigned labels for the Rose Otto line, I always think Ren packaging doesn’t quite go far enough in underscoring the price tags of the products – the designs usually just look cheap, or too simplistic compared to what’s inside the packaging, but the design on the Rose Otto line show that you don’t actually need to change much to make something look more expensive, or more thought out, or simply just to draw the eyes in to something.  They’re still “clean”, but look infinity more luxe than the other products Ren puts out.  Ren straddles a line, and it’s a difficult line, being cheaper than its prestige  cousins on the shelf (which is a good thing, good skincare should be available at all price points), but also by looking cheaper than the other lines, even the ones at a similar price point (which I think it does), it won’t appeal to those who like prestige and also like a bargain (like moi).  Something is only a bargain if you feel like it’s worth more than you paid for it, cheap-looking packaging just looks cheap.

So yeah, body oil.  Two bottles and I'm set for life.  How about you?

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Clinique Sweet Pots ptII - Black Honey and Red Velvet

It's hard having completist tendencies.  I mentioned Clinique Sweet Pots a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned that I wanted Red Velvet and Black Honey.  And lo! Here are Red Velvet and Black Honey (note to Clinique, I can't resist Black Honey anything, as well you know).  From left to right here are Candied Cassis, Orange Blossom and Pink Framboise, then Red Velvet and Black Honey.  Basically, I'm writing this paragraph to see how many times I can write the phrase "Red Velvet and Black Honey" without wanting to gouge my eyes out.  It's okay, I think I've reached my limit now.

This isn't really a review, I reviewed them a couple of weeks ago, but I thought people might like to see two more shades, particularly Black Honey, as that's not available in stores.

 I really like both of these shades, my favourites from the range are Black Honey, Red Velvet and Candied Cassis, how about you?

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Currently Testing ...

Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel and Les Beiges Foundation.  Get Lippie

As well as bringing you proper reviews of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection soon, I'm also trialling a few new base products, namely the new Les Beiges  foundation in Rose 22, alongside its sister product, the le Blanc de Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base.  Initial thoughts are that the foundation is all kinds of aces, but trialling it with a cold has meant that I've probably not seen it at its best.  As for the base, well, I'm not sure what the other uses are, but I'll see if I can figure some out ...

I'm also trialling these:

Guerlain Meteorites Base Primer and Meteorites Voyage Compact

I've used the Meteorites Base before, and I liked it a lot, but the new re-issue is really lovely.  I'm sure, but can't be 100% certain that the perles are bigger in this edition, but when I find my old bottle, I'll know more.  And words fail me when I come to describe just how beautiful the Meteorites Voyager compact is.  I love it.

But more in-depth analysis of all of these when I don't have a cold, and am not constantly wiping my base products off ...

What've you hauled lately?

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette and Brow Box

 I don't do much to my eyebrows (they're tattooed on, so I don't have to), but the Urban Decay Brow Boxes are lovely, and there's a special edition of them for the Gwen Stefani Collection, and it's this one in Bathwater Blonde.

Quite obviously defined for people with fairer hair than I, the brow box comes with two shades, and is most suitable for dark blondes/light brunettes.  Sadly, I am a dark brunette ... 

It comes complete with two brushes, two powders, one wax, one tiny pair of tweezers, and two mirrors, one of which is magnifying, there's really all you need to do your brows on the go.  Do you do your brows on the go though?  Admittedly I only brush mine through as a finishing touch last thing in the morning then ignore them for the rest of the day, but would a travel brow kit work for you?  Tell me, I'm curious!  It costs £19.50, but I think it's perfect for girls with medium shades of hair, there's no red in either of the shades, which is great too.

The blush kit though, I can totally get behind, even though it's a tad on the warm side.  Urban Decay describe the shades as:

Cherry - light pink satin,
Easy - deep rose w/gold shimmer,
Angel - champagne-nude shimmer,
Lo-Fi - soft bronze matte,
Hush - medium pink w/gold shimmer and
OC soft pink w/peach shift. 

So you basically have all your blusher, bronzer and highlight options covered in one palette, which I really like.  It's a good and hefty palette though, which will stand up to a fair bit of abuse in a makeup bag (the only other cheek palette I have is made of cardboard, which basically won't travel), and the pans are a decent size, so at £35 for the whole thing, it seems good value.  I'll do a Face of the Day featuring my picks of the collection (and I'll be doing a Gwen Stefani special over on my LipsNspritz hashtag on Instagram this week) some time towards the end of the week.  Light depending.

What would you pick up from the collection?

I reviewed the eye palette previously, here.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipsticks Full Collection (with swatches!)

Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Full Packaging

 So, after a bit of a snafu with the Urban Decay website the other week, I finally have the whole Gwen Stefani collection in my grubby little paws.  I wasn't intending to, I just wanted the Firebird and Wonderland lipsticks initially, but then circumstances intervened, and after a short delay, I now have everything in the collection, including the online exclusive shades.  Today I'm going to concentrate on the lip products, because there's a reason this blog is called Get Lippie, but I'll show you the rest tomorrow.

Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Lipsticks and Liners

There are eight shades in total, and from left to right here we have:
Ex-Girlfriend - a sheer nude
Phonecall - a sheer candy pink (online exclusive shade)
Firebird - a shimmering fuchsia
Wonderland - glorious cherry pink
Spiderweb - glossy blue-red
714 - matte scarlet
Plaid - looks red here, but it's actually a juicy berry pink (online exclusive shade)
Rocksteady - deep blood red.

All the lipsticks except Spiderweb and Plaid come with matching liners.

Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Lipsticks Pinks and Reds

The packaging is a little plasticky, but it's fun and finished in a funky black and gold graphic design. The bullets are firmly attached in the cases, and they're gorgeous, gorgeous colours in a range of finishes.

Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Lipsticks Group

Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Black and Gold Tubes

So, what are the colours like on skin?

Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Lipstick Swatches

From left to right here we have Ex-Girlfriend liner and lipstick, Phonecall (both), Firebird (both), Wonderland (both), Spiderweb (lipstick only), 714 lipstick + liner, Plaid (lipstick only) and Rocksteady (both).  Sadly, I haven't worn any of the lipsticks yet (cold sores, sorry, and a full diary of LipsNspritz precluded) but I'll update this post with my thoughts once they've been worn.

Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Lipstick collection
Initial thoughts are that if you're a red lipstick fan - and it must be admitted here that I'm a much bigger fan of red lipstick than I am Gwen Stefani! - then you'll love this collection.  There are a couple of shades here for non-red lovers, but this is basically a BRIGHT collection, and I love it for that.  Only time will tell if the formulas are as good as the colours appear to be, but I'll keep you posted.

Coming up tomorrow, pictures of both the cheek palette, and the eyebrow kit.
Urban Decay #UDxGwen Gwen Stefani Collection - Lipstick collection, Eyebrow box and cheek palette
What are your thoughts on the Gwen Stefani collection?

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

LipsNspritz of the Week 31 January 2016

Perfume and lipsticks featuring Molton Brown, Escentric Molecules, Demeter, Diptyque, Hermes, Shay & Blue and Lipstick Queen

 So, I take all my LipsNspritz pictures in one batch on a Saturday afternoon, then wear them throughout the week, taking different pictures of stuff on a daily basis is far too much like hard work for me!  I assure you I do wear them though.  LipsNspritz is my attempt both to wear my entire perfume and lipstick collection, and to help my nose "relearn" perfume whilst I continue my recovery from parosmia.  I'm no longer completely anosmic, merely hyposmic (I estimate that I have around 60% of my sense of smell back now) and I'm leaving my parosmia behind.  It still bothers me, but to a much lesser extent than it used to.  That said, I still struggle with recognising smells out of context, and I still struggle with some smells, though I have recently discovered that coffee no longer smells of sewage (it doesn't - yet - smell of coffee, however), and that has been a huge breakthrough.  

Anyway, on with what I was wearing this week.  The week began with Molton Brown Black Pepper, which is a divinely spicy, prickly, peppery hoot of an aftershave.  Or rather, it was before they reformulated it and called it Black Peppercorn.  It's still good, but a shadow of it's funny, unexpectedly sexy former self.  I wore it with Lipstick Queen Red Sinner, which as fine a red lipstick as a red lipstick can be.

I also tried a re-wearing of Escentric Molecules 01,  There's been a lot written about this one over the years (and if I read one more piece mentioning pheromones, or how it "melds with your personal chemistry to create a bespoke scent for the wearer" piece - ALL perfumes do that - I shall grind my teeth into powdery bloody stumps), and I shall not go on too much, but the "trick" of 01 is that it contains only one scented ingredient; a molecule named Iso E Super.  Iso E Super is a light and airy, slightly sweet and woody scent, and it can be difficult to smell in isolation.  On skin, it smells like clean skin, with a slightly cedary spect, and smells good, without really smelling like a traditional "perfume", much in the way ambergris-based fragrances smell to my nose.  As it happens, I couldn't really smell it whilst wearing it, but others could, and they liked it, without being able to say either why, or what it smelled like.  But this matches with my experience of wearing it before anosmia too, so that's that then.  I wore it with Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Smitten, something else which doesn't draw attention to itself, but makes you more polished just the same.

Right now as I write this, I'm wearing Demeter Wet Garden, and Lipstick Queen Deep Red Sinner lipstick (alongside my favourite polka dot pyjamas.  What?).  I smell like lilacs in April, and I'm - apparently - channeling  Norma Desmond.  In pyjamas.  Oh yes, it's glamorous alright in beauty blogging.  Aren't you glad I don't vlog?

I love the sour-rhubarb and white flowers of Jour d'Hermes.  The sour fruit of the opening is such a surprise compared to grownup and ladylike white flowers of the middle notes, and I like the opening very much.  Sadly, for my nose, the white flowers are a little too ... ladylike and so it's not a fragrance I reach for very often as a result.  The lipstick was Jean Queen by Lipstick Queen, which is something else I find confusing.  The concept of matching ones lipstick to ones jeans is a bit ... superfluous (and my jeans are black, anyway), but it's a pretty pink-mauve, which doesn't scream "I AM WEARING JEANS!", so it will do.

I also wore Diptyque's Phylosykos this week.   I love this fragrance so very, very much.  It smells of a fig tree in its entirety, from the leaves, to the bark, to the milky fruit, with just a slight hint of coconut oil in the base.  It's rather wonderful and it reminds me, every time I wear it, of my days off in Cyprus (I used to be a holiday rep over there) where I used to slather myself in Hawaiian Tropic (factor 2!)  and drink cocktails under the fig trees on the beach.  Not only is it the best fig fragrance on the planet, it's also an instant holiday in a bottle.  Get some.  I wore this with Lipstick Queen Sinner in Wine.  I also like wine. Wine is good.

And finally, Shay and Blue Atropa Belladonna starting with a savoury blackcurrant accord, Atropa Belladonna slides into a waxy and fat jasmine and sandalwood, which is interesting, before ending in a sticky vanilla kiss.  I like this very much (not quite as much as I like their surprising and lovely Salted Caramel, however), and it was a fitting fragrance to spend a Saturday (also in pyjamas) afternoon wearing.  I paired it with Revlon Red Velvet Lip Butter, which should never have been discontinued.

What have you been wearing?

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Skincare of the Week 31 January 2016

By Terry, Pixi Beauty, Tata Harper, Kate Somerville, Zelens, Votary, Bioderma, Eloquence Beauty,

A short and sweet Skincare of the Week this week because I was ill, and hanging around a cold bathroom taking pictures of my skincare (like you do) took a deserving backseat to me being wrapped up in the duvet, and slathering myself in Pommade Divine, frankly. Nothing better for a sore nose than Pommade Divine, if you ask me.

Anyhoo, yes, I'm still a bit obsessed with Tata Harper, but I'm finally swapping things around a bit, they're still great products, but I do need to keep mixing things up a bit.  I was in the mood for something rosy on Monday, so I pulled out my bits from the ByTerry Cellularose range, including the cleansing oil, and the Hydra Toner both of which are softly scented with rose, and leave the skin soft and clean without stripping.  I followed those up with Pixibeauty H20 Serum and Glowtion Day Dew after prepping with their rose oil blend.  I have to say, the H20/Glowtion combo is quickly becoming a firm favourite, adds hydration and glow without greasiness, and no matter how little sleep you've had, always leaves you looking well rested - a great base for foundation, too.

A new brand I trialled this week was Eloquence Beauty, which is based in Chester (my old home town!), and their Eloquence Beauty Nourishing Treatment Oil made it into my routine this week when I realised I needed a little more oomph than Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturiser alone could provide.  Eloquence specialise in mid-price beauty products (the 50ml oil costs £29.99 and is the most expensive product in the range) containing Sacha-Inchi oil, which is high in fatty acids and proteins, and is similar in effect to argan oil.  It absorbs quickly, and I've enjoyed using it, but I'll be trialling a few more bits from the range in the coming weeks.and I'll be sure to let you know how I get along.

But mostly, this week is dedicated to Pommade Divine.  And Kleenex.  And duvets. 

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