Makeover: Gillian

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s makeover day here at Get Lippie!  Meet Gillian:

Gillian came to me a couple of weeks ago, wanting to look like a sexy 50’s bombshell.   Now, this is a look I happen to love, as it’s actually pretty simple and quick to put together.  First things first though, the classic bombshell look is dependent on flawless porcelain skin for it to work.  So we used a base of Max Factor Seamless in porcelain to even out Gillian’s skintone, and give us a flawless base to work from:


We added a little concealer, then powdered down with some Benefit Bluffdust to tone down any lingering redness and give a matte finish, and Gillian was feeling more like a bombshell already!

There are two main elements to the bombshell look, eyeliner, and lipstick, both are crucial, so we’ll start with the eyes.  I started by showing Gillian how to define the crease of her eyelid using MAC Behold as a contour shade:

Once this was in place (and Gillian had had a lesson in how to find it for herself) we moved on to liner.  Liquid liner can be tricky for a novice, so I showed Gillian how to use powder and an angled brush to paint on a line that looks just as dramatic and flattering as liquid liner, but takes a lot less practice to perfect.  We used Virgin Vie shadow in charcoal, then a coat or two of mascara:


Personally, I think this look suits Gillian down to a tee, and we could just have added a touch of lip balm or gloss right here and we’d have a lovely glamorous look suitable for daywear already!  However, the bombshell look demands lipstick.  So we added a slick of Guerlain lipstick in CanCan red as the finishing touch:

So there you go, quick, simple, with a minimum of products, but the maximum of impact.

Here’s the before and afters:

Thank you, Gillian.


  1. 8th November 2009 / 14:01

    Oooo sexy!!!! Great job hunny, them red lips really suit Gillian.


  2. 8th November 2009 / 17:14

    She looks brilliant! Well done! Excellent makeover

  3. 8th November 2009 / 21:14

    Gillian has such beautiful eyes and that eyeliner look is indeed perfect for her…I agree with you, she looked super even before the lippie, in fact I think she should always do her eyes like that! What concealer did you use on her? xx

  4. 9th November 2009 / 08:37

    I used MAC concealer in NW20 (I think!), the one that comes in a pot. Will double check the number for you later.

  5. 9th November 2009 / 14:06

    I need that angled brush technique done as a step by step tutorial!

  6. 9th November 2009 / 14:16

    No worries, Kitty! One is on it's way, alongside a smokey eyes tutorial.

  7. 14th November 2009 / 10:32

    I love this look. She already has pretty skin and hair, but you did a great job with concealing the redness and I love the eyeliner!

  8. 15th November 2009 / 19:30

    Thank you, Princess! A great compliment coming from you.

  9. 24th January 2010 / 00:12

    Wow! What a change! When I'm done being so scared, I'll go for the reds. They're awesome!

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