Nail of the Day – Rococo Utility

Saw this in SpaceNK yesterday, and kind of fell in love with it!  Grey isn’t a colour that normally appeals, but this is a great shade with hints of blue and lilac, not to mention some really lovely packaging. I tried this on one thumb and NARS Rouge Andalou on the other, but this was the one I couldn’t take my eyes off for the rest of the afternoon, so it’s the one I bought.

Consistency is thick, slightly gloopy,  and it dries very quickly, but it’s instantly opaque on the nails. This picture shows ONE COAT, (over a base) so if you’re lazy like me, then it’s ideal. I’ve no idea what the coverage of the other colours in the range is like, but I’m really impressed with this.

Incidentally, you may be seeing more nail pictures in the future, I’m trialling a top secret nail system at the moment, and the results so far have been really good. It’s hardcore stuff, but if the results keep up, I’ll be one very happy blogger!

Rococo nail polishes cost £11.50 from SpaceNK, but if you buy this weekend, you can get a 20% discount online with the code FF201.

Have just realised the colour matches my blog.  This may be why it jumped out at me …


  1. 20th November 2009 / 22:29

    I saw your tweet about this shade and instantly wanted it – I ended up buying another shade, but I keep thinking about this shade….

  2. 20th November 2009 / 22:46

    OOooh! Which one did you get? I'll be honest, this colour sticks in the mind, no idea why, but it does.

    There's a dusty dark lavender in the range that I might have to get.

  3. 21st November 2009 / 13:13

    Lovely. I like slightly disgusting/alarming nail colours. I think it would work well on toenails too as I'm far too cack handed to do fingernails neatly.

  4. 21st November 2009 / 21:43

    I went through a stage of wearing all things grey: makeup, clothes, tights, jumpers, etc. Got bored without making it to the nail polish. 😀 Nowadays I'll probably use it on my toe nails, though it's freezing where I am at the moment!!! Brrr….

  5. 22nd November 2009 / 19:22

    That is really pretty, sounds like a really good formula as well, I'll have to try one of these out.

  6. 22nd November 2009 / 19:32

    Four days on, not a SINGLE chip. I'm astonished.

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