Mystery FotD

Trying out some makeup I’ll be featuring in my makeovers soon, can anyone guess the brand?  Tiny prize for anyone who does …


  1. 22nd January 2010 / 08:53

    I have no idea what the brand is, but you look gorgeous!

  2. 22nd January 2010 / 12:45

    Ha ha! I actually look like I've smelled something nasty, but thank you!

  3. 22nd January 2010 / 13:02

    Hourglass, perhaps? I like the colour of that lipgloss on you.

  4. 22nd January 2010 / 13:12

    not a clue but you look so pretty, i thought i just let you know
    @tsunimee xx

  5. 22nd January 2010 / 16:44

    Love the colours – eyeshadow is gorgeous. I want to guess Ellis Faas? But that is a bit of a wild guess?!

  6. 22nd January 2010 / 17:02

    Someone on Twitter already guessed it, but it's actually Bourjois smokey eye kit in Or Baroque. Absolutely beautiful shades. Surprised me, too!

  7. 24th January 2010 / 14:10

    wow beautiful. I'm gussing..something from avon 😀

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