Nails – my new obsession!

If you follow me on Twitter I think you’ll have noticed that my latest obsession is my nails!  And, I’m also obsessed with nail varnish at the moment too … but not just any polish, I’m mainly obsessed with holographic ones …

This is the collection I have of them so far.  I blame Mizzworthy, if she hadn’t tied me down and forced me to buy  introduced me to the OPI Designer Series Celebration polish (2nd from the left there) then I wouldn’t have this lemming for holographic polishes, because I wouldn’t have known they existed!

My nails are currently painted with OPI Extravagance (3rd from the right) which is a gorgeous purple with red, yellow, orange and green holographic glitter:


Love the depth of colour in this polish, and also love that it’s quite subtle from a distance:

I’ve tried China Glaze and OPI holo’s so far, but I’m REALLY looking forward to Nubar releasing their holo-polishes at the end of January … they’ll be available from Beauty Shed, and I’ll be picking up at least a couple …I found the swatches here, and I can’t wait!


  1. 14th January 2010 / 15:46

    OPI always has some of the most Fabulous colors. I love OPI polish.

  2. 14th January 2010 / 17:42

    gorgeous missy i love opi nail paints my fav at the mo is susie & the lifeguard x

  3. 14th January 2010 / 23:41

    i love nail polishes too..but i prefer the 1 coloured matte looking ones..

  4. 14th January 2010 / 23:57

    I so haven't got enough holos. I haven't got any of the OPI DS ones, I'm happy with the cheaper China Glaze holos! …But that does look lovely *drools*

  5. 15th January 2010 / 19:58

    Oooh pretty pretty pretty. I LOVE hologram anything so i must get some of these. I need to add some OPIs to my collection… And China Glaze… And Essie 😛

  6. 16th January 2010 / 16:33

    After reading some nail polish blogs I am now thinking about nail polishes more than I should.
    Now I WANT Illamasqua's Lament. I will get it as soon as they get their lip brush back in stock to get those together 🙂

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