Guerlain Summer Collection Applied (FotD)

First off, let me say that these are some of the worst FotD pics I’ve ever taken, so let me apologise in advance for the stupid looks on my face!  But I had quite a few requests for a FotD with this collection, and I thought I’d oblige ASAP!

As you can see, I used all four of the main shades to create a subtle smokey eye effect (more visible when you enlarge the pic,which I request you all NOT to do, please! I have a heavy cold and I look terrible at the moment), I also used a liquid liner to give a more defined effect near the lash line.  The colour on my lips is the KissKiss Baby balm in 262 Cherry Summer.

Oh, if you’re wondering where Organic Wednesday is, I’ll be making a little announcement later …


  1. Ceona
    21st April 2010 / 15:47

    I love the shot of your eyes in the middle bottom row, really pretty colours and a great day look. I can't decide which of the summer palettes you've featured I want more!

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