Pride and Joy!

Get Lippie moved house over the weekend, and I thought you’d like to see the reason I chose my new abode:

In case you can’t tell (and I won’t be surprised if you can’t) that’s my new bath. It’s also a jacuzzi, power shower, steam room, and … er … something else. Doubles as a disco too, as you can see! I still need to read the instructions, as me and MrLippie took twenty minutes just to figure out how to fill it with water yesterday, which was … amusing. It also has a remote control for the built-in telly, natch!

Blog posts are going to be a bit sporadic for the next week or so until I get my broadband sorted, but I’ll be posting from my iPhone in the meantime, which – you lucky things! – will probably mean shorter posts for a while!

Right, off to unpack my Ren, Shu Uemura, Aromatherapy Associates, Elemis Super Soak and various other bath oils, any recommendations?



  1. 4th October 2010 / 14:00

    Ooo Snazzy, you lucky thing! x

  2. 4th October 2010 / 14:05

    Is that a shower or a time machine!?

  3. 4th October 2010 / 14:07

    Oh my god. I am so JEALOUS.

    Enjoy using it!

  4. 4th October 2010 / 15:20

    That looks SO amazing 🙂 Can I come round for a bath? Plz haha 😉

  5. 4th October 2010 / 15:38

    wow it looks like a space ship! I would LOVE to come home to a jacuzzi power shower every evening.

    Glad the flat hunting paid off for you 🙂

  6. lipstickmama
    4th October 2010 / 17:09

    It looks like something from Logans Run – super high tech.

  7. 4th October 2010 / 18:20

    I mean this in an entirely non-creepy way, but I would like to live in your shower.

  8. 4th October 2010 / 18:37

    It doesn't *look* bigger on the inside…but it's got blue lights and a telly 😀

    What I want to know is: will it make your morning coffee?

  9. 4th October 2010 / 18:40

    I concur. Missy_ellie_uk – wanna be flatmates?!

    It seems only right that a beauty blogger should have such an exquisite bathroom…I am now rather depressed about mine!

  10. 4th October 2010 / 19:00

    Wow! It also looks as though it could double as a tanning booth!

  11. 4th October 2010 / 19:48

    Gorgeous! I recommend Jo Malone for a bit of luxury bathing. Enjoy your new place :o)

  12. 5th October 2010 / 10:07

    So when you say blog posts are going to be sporadic until you get broadband sorted, what you actually mean is blog posts are going to be sporadic because you'll be in the bath/shower/time machine/coffee maker? 🙂

  13. 5th October 2010 / 12:39

    OMG that looks amazing! But I'm sure MrL will be upset to hear that he's not the reason you moved in 🙂

    Please note: I'm available for house-sitting at ANY time!

  14. 5th October 2010 / 14:50

    Wow. That looks like a space ship or a time machine or something! xx

  15. 14th October 2010 / 05:02

    That's so space age!! Cool! 🙂

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