Guerlain Rouge G – B62 Betsy

I love my Rouge G’s, I already own a red, and a pink and I wanted something a little more neutral this time around. 

Enter Betsy.  In the bullet, a rather intense mauve shade, it’s actually rather more sheer than it might appear on first look:

This is one of the B range of Rouge G’s, which have a lighter, more sheer texture, and feel rather more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick.  I find them highly emollient, and, even though I have to apply slightly more often than I do than I do with a regular Rouge G, I think it’s worth it when you get the right shade. On me, this is a “my lips but better” shade which I find works better for a smoky eye than a traditional “nude” shade, as it still adds a little definition, and doesn’t make me look anemic.

Rouge G’s are expensive, there is no denying it, but for me, they’re worth every penny, as an investment piece there are very few lipsticks that look as expensive as this.  I adore the packaging – and, whilst I might have had my head turned slightly by Tom Ford and his crack habit lately, Rouge G will always come top of the expensive lipstick league tables for me.

The Fine Print: Debenhams Oxford St provided me with this fine example of a lipstick for only TWENTY FIVE of your earth pounds.


  1. 3rd November 2010 / 08:17

    That us such a gorgeous colour, they are quite expensive might might have a look to put one on my Christmas list 🙂

  2. 3rd November 2010 / 15:45

    Ooooo I love all the deep berry colours at the moment. 🙂

  3. Ceona
    3rd November 2010 / 20:54

    That is seriously lovely. I want one.

  4. lipstickmama
    3rd November 2010 / 22:17

    Like the sheerness of this very much, sometimes only a sheer lipstick will work, but they are so hard to find, Lipstick Queen Medieval and Butterfly Ball range is good but they are the only colours I have come across which have the exacting formula that I want – great recommendation, thankyou so much. Jan x

  5. 5th November 2010 / 22:47

    It's such a nice colour. I *think* I swatched it, I say think as I didn't check the label but it was in the stand next to Bee. It is sheer but I'm pleased to see how nice it looks on your lips. I want a Rouge G, mostly for the packaging. I'm sure the lipstick won't disappoint though/
    Jane x

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