An Old Favourite – Chanel Rouge Noir

 Right after whipping off Peridot, I decided to go with a real classic, and painted my nails with this, Chanel Rouge Noir.  This is an old, old, bottle as I’ve been wearing Rouge Noir on and off since the 90’s.

It’s a dark, wine-red creme, a bit gothy, but I find it goes with everything, and always looks classy.

Wear is about average, I tend to get three/four days or so before chipping, if I use a sticky basecoat like Orly Bonder, and this mani was three days old when I took the pics, hence the tipwear in the next photo:

This just reminds me that I need to get much, much better at painting my nails …mind, before I started this blog, I never used to paint them at all …

The Fine Print – This was a purchase by me.  Possibly in another century. Or it could be a backup bottle.  I’m not sure.

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  1. Jan
    29th August 2011 / 11:19

    Oohh rubs hands together with glee, autumn is on the way and a good excuse for fabulous deep winey red / murky green varnishes. I too never used to paint my nails but now I take a leaf out of Joan's book and find the bolder the varnish the greater the disguising of the age spotted hands, the eyes just slide on by. Thanks for this. x

  2. 29th August 2011 / 12:00

    Oh I am so ready to get back into autumn nail colours! Definitely need to get my painting technique back in line first – shades like Rouge Noir don't let you get away with being slapdash like I usually am.

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