Chanel Ombre Essentielle – 417 Beige Lame

I admit, I wasn’t all that taken with the Chanel Christmas collection this year, it just didn’t speak to me.  But, I did have to pick up this eyeshadow single, when I was in Debenhams recently. Packaged with Chanel’s usual attention to detail, the eyeshadow single comes in a little velvet pouch:

So, what colour is it?  Well, for all of you who think I live in taupe, I have a little surprise for you – this one is beige:

 So far, so dull.  What I like about Chanel though, is that their neutrals come with a bit of an edge, and this shade caught my eye in store because it’s packed full of glorious – and beautiful – microglitter (cue terrible photos):

Somehow, I just can’t capture the glory of this eyeshadow on camera, which is infuriating.  Whilst the colour isn’t that unique, it’s something I’ll get a lot of use out of, as it’s a great – slightly warm – beige shade, perfect for when you’re getting ready in a rush.

Heree you can see it swatched dry on the right, and over primer on the right.

What have you picked up from the Christmas collections?

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  1. 28th November 2011 / 20:55

    I'm not a huge fan of this I must admit. Give me a Chanel lippie any day of the week.

    But well done on capturing the sparkles. I can see them.

  2. 28th November 2011 / 21:02

    Lovely packaging on the Chanel product as always. Nice to have a sparkly beige, as I think the matte ones can be quite aging on my eyes.

  3. 29th January 2012 / 07:49

    I'm regretting not picking this up when it was first released, it's super pretty, and perfect round the clock! You made an excellent choice imo (for a neutral/beige it's a unique one)! x

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