Guerlain Christmas 2011 – Vol de Nuit & Parure de Nuit

Well, after I showed you my initial picks of the Guerlain Christmas collection a few weeks ago, I said I’d be making further purchases, and here they are. Couldn’t resist!

Vol de Nuit, I simply could not resist picking up this beautiful teal bottle of sparkly deliciousness, it’s both a gorgeous and glamorous addition to any dressing table.  I don’t have a dressing table … but if I did, this bottle would be out on display at all times.


The bottle contains a pink sparkly powder, which is filled with multicoloured micro-shimmer, and when you press the bulb, it emits a wonderful cloud of scented deliciousness.  It’s said to be based on the original scent of Vol de Nuit perfume (which sadly, I have no way of confirming, because I don’t own a bottle), but the scent is light and powdery and sweet, but it’s not a scent that will clash with any other perfume that you might wear with it.  It’s a fine finishing touch for a big night out.

The sparkle is fine, and not too glittery, it’ll just add a hint of definition to collarbones and shoulders, I think.

Here’s the powder swatched quite heavily to show how it looks on the skin, then out of focus to show off the sparkle:


I did, of course, pick up the Parure De Nuit too, as I simply couldn’t resist it.  Decorated with peacock feathers, with hints of peach, pink, turquoise and a touch of gold overspray, it’s a lovely piece of cosmetic goodness.



I also love the turquoise goat hair brush that comes with it:

I found that the overspray came off after the first use, and whilst it looks very dramatic in the pan, it’s actually a very subtle powder, more of a beauty powder than a blusher, but it adds a very lovely soft-focus glow to the skin, which is very difficult to pick up on camera, but the pan itself is beautiful, I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of it …

There’s another lipstick too, which I’ll show you soon …

The Fine Print:  Purchases.  Lovely, lovely purchases.

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  1. 15th November 2011 / 14:46

    Oof! I'm obsessed with this collection and I haven't even got my hands on it yet. Did you swatch the eyeshadow quad? Is it decent?

  2. The Blossom Shed
    15th November 2011 / 17:50

    I've just finally smelled Vol de Nuit, and it's gorgeous – add glitter and powder and a lovely bottle, and oh my – this is on my dream list!

  3. Jan
    16th November 2011 / 20:17

    I love Vol de Nuit – it is the only "complex" fragrance that I can wear. Again I may have to challenge you under the Trades Descriptions Act "not so handy with a digital camera"….er yeah right, on the evidence of this post and others I think not x

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