Lipsticks of the week – Pink

 It’s that time of the week again, where I show you which lipsticks I’ve been wearing over the last seven days.  This week the challenge was pink, and these were the pick of the lips:

From left to right, we have:

Tom Ford Pure Pink –  The ur-pink of any lipstick collection, now sadly discontinued.  Damn you, Tom Ford!
Illamasqua Intense Gloss in Belladonna – an amazingly pigmented (if very sticky) gloss, in a beautiful shade of fuchsia.
Estee Lauder Pure Colour in Crystal Rose – a slightly greyed out rose shade, very lovely for a MLBB colour
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess gloss in Wild Orchid – a cerise shade gloss with a blue shimmer flash.  Very lovely colour indeed, that’s give me a lemming to wear the matching nail polish today …
New CID i-pout in Pomegranate –  wonderfully light-textured pale pink, that’s just a little on the wrong side of pale for me to wear realistically, but it’s a beautiful colour in the bullet.  The packaging lights up. Nice, but an entirely useless gimmick, as the light completely washes out everything it lands on.
Guerlain Rouge G in Georgia – possibly my all-time favourite lipstick of all time.  POSSIBLY.* 

Swatches (first without flash then with)

Loved my pink week, but I’m looking forward to next week’s theme, which is mauve.  Yes, MAUVE.

Some outtakes:

What’ve you been wearing this week?

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  1. January 22, 2012 / 3:12 pm

    Nice pink choices, especially the last 4 (the first 2 as beautiful as they look would be much too bright for me…), Georgia is gorgeous, I agree! For the past couple of days I've been wearing a (pink) La Roche Posay lipstick, strange but true, I had totally forgotten about it and I found it lurking inside one of my bags…don't you just love it when that happens? Like finding a nicely folded 10 pound note inside your wallet: that's a lucky day! Can't wait to see your mauve choices! xx

  2. January 22, 2012 / 3:41 pm

    Belladonna looks stunning. I have to admit, although not always the most practical, I do love a gloopy but mega pigmented gloss!

  3. January 22, 2012 / 4:21 pm

    belladona, belladona, be my beating heart x

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