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There’s no getting around it, £55 is very, very expensive for a foundation.  There’s such a wealth of wonderful foundations around the £20-30 range these days (and even less, truth be told), that why would you even think about splashing out on something costing double the average?  That was my thinking before I bought a bottle of Guerlain Parure Gold Radiance Foundation, anyway.

However, and quite surprisingly, I haven’t regretted a penny of this purchase, and it’s unlikely that I’m going to, because this sky-rocketed to the top of the list my favourite foundations right after the first wear, and I’ve been kind of limiting my use of it since so I don’t run out.  Crazy, huh?  Yeah, I know.

Housed in a handsome black glass bottle, Parure Gold has a pump mechanism, and promises full, but glowing, coverage and boy, does it deliver!  A silky-textured liquid, it smoothes easily over skin, and blends beautifully, covering even the reddest of red skins.  I am prone to extremely high-colouring, which is one of the banes of my existence, but Parure Gold copes with it very well, even when I’m in full flush, and keeps it at bay (or at least well-hidden) throughout the day too.

Unblended – (my hands are much paler than my face, bear in mind)


Whilst the coverage is full, it’s not mask-like, and still leaves your skin looking like skin.  It’s layerable without caking, and your skin glows beautifully without looking shiny, glittery or greasy.  It’s exceptionally forgiving of lines and wrinkles and seems to skip over pores without gathering in them. It lasts very well, and I’ve not found that it needs any real touching up over the course of a day, either.  I’m seriously in love with this stuff.  When your foundation needs to deliver, this delivers in spades.

In full, natural daylight (no professional lights/filters here!) and unedited (SOOC).

I did several days filming with BBC2 last year for a documentary (more about that soon), and this is the foundation I’m wearing for all of them.  I’m mostly saving it for high-days and holidays at the moment, but I’m wondering if this is a false economy?   So yes, expensive for sure, but what price confidence?

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  1. kas
    4th September 2017 / 22:38

    This foundation, Guerlain Paure Gold Radiance foundation to me is the ultimate. There is no ways I have as many foundations as one of my girlfriends or even perhaps u, but I certainly have enough.
    I was introduced to this by accident, I went to buy another Guerlain foundation, picked up a tester of the #paure gold, so they say the rest is history.
    The blend is so easy, it is soft, smooth, natural feeling, great coverage and the subtleness on the skin looks so incredibly natural, no #chalk effect here! No sneaking into my crinkles. The day u wear it, u feel a million dollars. I would think that I should only wear it on special occasions, nahhhhh, not anymore, shall wear it when I want to ….. Especially as I approach the big “6” in December.
    To me if u can afford this, don’t hesitate, if its a treat don’t hesitate and buy it. I only one pump(actually half a pump) of it and it gives me all over flawless full coverage. I also prefer using my fingers instead of a brush and never use a sponge as that to me will be too wasteful. The consultants will even decant a sample for u to try it, honestly you will be so glad u have tried it and more excited when u buy it!!!!

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