29th March 2010


By Get Lippie

I bought these just after Christmas for the bargain price of about £15, I love the post-Christmas sales, I think the normal retail price of this little lot is about £30!  There’s a double size shower gel, a  full-size body butter and a trial-size handcream.

So, why has it take me till nearly April to review them?  Well, they’re just a bit meh.  I’ve read a lot of raves about the Bliss Spa, and I guess I was expecting miraculous things from their products. 

I have to say that the scent is wonderful, redolent of freshly cut oranges, undercut with the merest hint of spicy white pepper which all makes the shower gel one of the most refreshing ways to wake yourself up in the morning.  Sadly, it’s stuffed full of SLS and parabens, and as a result, I find it (a little) irritating on my already-prone-to-dryness shins.  I still use it though, being both a sucker for punishment and slightly addicted to spicy, citrussy scents. It does bubble up nicely, and a little of this on a shower-lily really does go a very long way!

Likewise, the hand cream and body butter are chock-full of parabens too, which is a real shame, it means I can’t use them as often as I’d like to because they can make me sting a little bit if I use them too much, or too often.  Lovely lingering scent though.  I’ve heard tell that the body butter is chock-full of glitter, but if it is, it must be microscopic, because I’ve not noticed it at all!

Personally, I wouldn’t buy these at full price to be honest, there’s nothing in there that you can’t find in products which are a lot cheaper, and there’s a few chemical nasties in there that might irritate more sensitive souls, but if you want a great-smelling refreshing shower experience, and you aren’t bothered by the cheap ingredients, you’ll love it!

Have you tried Bliss products?  Is there something from the range that you think will change my mind?