18th August 2010

Krasey Beauty

By Get Lippie

I love my US blogging friends. I love them a whole bunch.  Amongst the ones I read regularly, I have particular space in my heart for the following:

Elvira and Joeybunny at Pink Sith
Amy at Cafe Makeup
Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book
Paula at Older Girl Beauty
and Gaia at The Non-Blonde

All of them are well worth a read, they’ve created many a lemming for me, and I adore chatting to them on Twitter too, they’re wonderful ladies. 

But, today, none of them are more worth a read than the lovely Adina at Krasey Beauty for I have become her newest contributor! She’s an absolute sweetheart, and she’s letting me take over a corner of her blog, bless her.  Every couple of weeks, I’m going to be offering a peculiarly – I use the word avisedly – “British” look at the beauty world, and I’d love it if you guys had a look at my first little offering (which has far too many exclamation marks in it, I’ve already noticed, mmmkay?) and let me know what you think.

So, without further ado, here’s the first instalment of “British Beauty with Get Lippie”. (also known as The One Where Lippie Makes Some Controversial Remarks About Americans vs The British, Then Puts The Blame On Daniel Sandler And Runs Away). See you there!