10th September 2010

Lip Stains

By Get Lippie

I’m a big fan of lipstains, whilst I don’t mind spending time applying my makeup in the mornings, I’m actually very lazy, and re-applying lipstick is something I don’t bother doing all that often during the day, so it’s nice that there are products you can use that’ll stay in place all day.

That said though, I’m always slightly disappointed with products that look a bright rich red in the tube (or bottle) that actually just pull fuschia on the skin.  Yes, Benetint, et al, I’m looking at you!  The Body Shop lip & cheek stain does the same thing, but actually, I kind of like it.

Bourjois Rose Exclusif is actually a lipgloss with “colour-changing” abilities.  Do you remember “Ultra Glow” lipsticks?  They came in green and yellow and blue and brown and the like, and were meant to change to your “perfect” lipcolour in reaction to your body chemistry.  In reality, on me, they just went bright fuschia (no matter what colour I’d started off with) then stained my lips for three days.  Rose Exclusif promises to do a similar thing, only in a gloss.  And hopefully without the industrial staying power.

Here’s how they swatch on the hand:

Body Shop tint on the left there, and Rose Exclusif on the right. As you can see, the Rose Exclusif doesn’t really stain skin which isn’t your lips, which is nice.  Both have a slight scent, and the Bourjois smells very, very sweet indeed.

Remarkably, both go more or less the exact same shade on my lips!  The Body Shop tint is far too pink for my cheeks alas (pink shades on my cheeks tend to make me look like I’m having a hot flush, which isn’t a great look, to be honest), but here’s the Body Shop tint on my lips:

And here is the Bourjois Rose Exclusif:

I find that if I layer the Bourjois over the Body Shop, then I can deepen the colour, and it lasts all day.  Here’s the Rose Exclusif in the full context of my face:

Excuse the mad hair all over the place there, was testing a shampoo that I’ll be talking to you about soon.

The Fine Print: One was a PR sample, and one was a freebie with a magazine.  Both are very nice though, regardless.