20th October 2010

Candle Wall …

By Get Lippie

I love candles, now I’ve moved to Maison Lippie, I have an entire display unit devoted to my favourites, they make the room smell wonderful, even when they’re not burning:

Top Row: (L-R) Orla Kiely White Tea (£12.50 from Heals) – this one doesn’t really smell of anything when it’s burning, which is a shame, as it smells wonderful in the holder. Jonathan Ward Lost in El Salvador –  (£20 from Wholefoods) this is one of my very favourites – you might be able to tell it had just finished burning in the pic – gloriously scented, once burning, this will scent the whole flat very quickly, I’ll be heartbroken once it’s finished! Malin & Goetz Vetivert (£34 from Liberty) – love the straw and hay scents to this one, I’m hoarding it a little for deeper into winter when I want to be reminded of summer days!

Middle Row: Kenneth Turner Blue Tangerine (£22 from KennethTurner.com) this is a scent I have in almost every format it exists in, shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, candle, room spray, everything.  About the only format I don’t own this in is a reed diffuser, but I’m hoping to remedy that soon, I think it’s one of the sexiest scents on the planet, and I love this candle a great deal, it’s about the third one of this scent I’ve owned, and I have a couple of back ups.  I just wish it was a perfume.  Orangey and minty, it’s delicious. This doesn’t smell as strong when it’s burning, but I love it anyway. Man’s Candle Lemongrass and Thyme (£12 from Wholefoods) smells wonderful in the box, smells of literally nothing whilst burning, and the scent has disappeared since I opened it too.  Definitely one I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on.  The White Company Cassis – (£18 – The White Company) smells gloriously green and leafy, love it in the jar, but again, one that doesn’t smell so much when it’s burning.  A shame, blackcurrant leaves are a great scent! Jonathan Ward Lulu in Provence – (£30 from Wholefoods) Summer in a jar, sweet fruits with a hint of almond and some gorgeous sandalwood, again, it scents the room wonderfully whether lit or not.

Bottom Row: Jonathan Ward Nightingales Jasmine (£30 – Wholefoods) – wonderfully sexy scent for the bedroom, a spicy jasmine.  It’s the first JW candle I got my hands on, and it’s a glorious introduction to the range.  Neom Complete Bliss (£35 from neomorganics.com) – roses, roses, roses.  I love to burn this one alongside a bath with my beloved Ren Rose Otto bath oil.  It’s sweet, and as the name suggests, rather blissful.  If you like roses, you’ll love this one.  Kenneth Turner Citrus Bergamia – (£22 – Kennethturner.com) A nice candle this one, but rather forgettable next to some of the others. Harrods Pink Pepper & Passionflower (£20 – Harrods) lovely, gentle, slightly spicy flowery scent.  It’s really nice and relaxing to have burning when I’m blogging.

Now, you might be thinking that I have more than enough candles, but I have one space left that I’m saving for Idina’s Locket (again from the genius that is Jonathan Ward), I was lucky enough to have sniffed Jonathan’s latest range back when it was still in the planning stages, and I can’t wait to see how they’ve turned out in candle form!

But, if anyone is reading, and wants to buy me another, this one has my name ALL over it … Luce’s Candle.