25th July 2011

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

By Get Lippie

Heated rollers, they’re not the sexiest bit of kit out there, are they?  Whenever I think of them, I think of my mum’s old set of Carmen rollers, and the associated pins that never kept the slippery rollers in her hair!

Enrapture, however, have brought out a set of hair curlers that is easy to use, quick to heat, and gives outstanding (in this humble bloggers opinion, anyway) results.  The secret is in the clip.  I can’t use velcro rollers, I can never get the surface tension right, and they just slip out of my hair.  And I can’t use rollers with pins because I’m a cack handed muppet who can never figure out the right way to pin something to my head without it a) hurting, and b) immediately falling out.  So, I’ve long since decided that heated rollers and I were not a match made in heaven.

I love these though, and I’ve found them practically foolproof in use.  You switch them on, wait for the indicator light to fill up to five bars (which takes less than five minutes) then turn them off and put them into your hair.  The rollers are covered in velvet, and remain cool in the hand when you put them into your hair.  Here’s the secret that makes them so good though, the clips that you use to hold them in place are lined with metal, so they heat up as the rollers do too.  Such a simple, but very clever idea.  It means the curls are set from both inside and out, and this has to be a good thing.

You get ten large rollers and ten medium rollers, and, I was worried that this wouldn’t be enough for my “fine, but shedloads of it” hair.  I was wrong, I didn’t even use all of them in my hair when I tried them.  I followed – kinda – the instructions on this page of the Enrapture website, and here are the before and afters:

Yes, they’re not applied perfectly in the first photo, but I’m beyond pleased with the results – particularly when you take into account that this was my first attempt, and that I used no styling products whatsoever.  Lots of root lift, and plenty of waves without it looking too “done”. From start to finish, the whole process only took 25 minutes, too.  To make it even quicker in future though, I’ll probably only use the large rollers on the “mohawk” section of my hair, and leave the sides to their own devices.

Enrapture’s motto is “When everyday hair just isn’t enough” and their range is designed to make supersexy, glamorous hair simple and easy for non-hairdressing professionals, and on the evidence of my experience with the Extremity heated rollers, I’m very impressed indeed.  They also have a waver (called Amplify) and a wand (called Totem) in the range, and, whilst I’m too scared to use Totem at the moment (long story), I’ve been similarly impressed with Amplify recently too.  But the pictures are too scary for a blog post …

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