13th September 2011

Guerlain Christmas 2011 – Belle du Nuit

By Get Lippie

Many apologies for featuring something that’s not on counter for another month, but I love this collection so much that I just can’t help myself, it’s so beautiful!

I have samples of most of it (and they’re coming up the rest of this week, don’t worry), but the thing that really caught my eye was the Vol de Nuit bottle.  So beautiful, so retro, and it’s unexpectedly filled with a shimmering pink powder, suffused with turquoise and teal sparkles, it’s decidedly gorgeous on it’s own terms as a party highlighter. But, it also smells wonderful, filled with iris and vanilla and yet decidedly green too, it has completely made me want a bottle of Vol de Nuit, which is something I’ve smelled already as part of Project Perfume, and not been as interested in it as I have other Guerlain scents.  I think this would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s dressing table though. 

Consider this a Christmas hint, those who know me.  Thank you.

Once the collection reaches counter, I’ll also be picking myself up the Parure de Nuit, which is the highlighter/blush combo that is laid out like peacock feathers above.  You can use it all over as a beauty powder, by sweeping a brush over the whole palette, or you can sweep your brush diagonally down the coral-shaded “eyes”  of the feathers for a more coloured effect.  It’s not quite a blush, but it is beautiful.  There’s a hint of glitter overspray, but I’m assured that the various different colours are all the way through the pan.

Swatches of the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks coming up … Guerlain Christmas will be available from Harrods from 2nd October and nationwide from 16th October.

The Fine Print: No samples harmed in this post.  Beloved partners may be harmed if they ignore hints. #justsayin’

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