14th September 2011

Guerlain Christmas – Les Ombres de Nuit Palette

By Get Lippie

The eyeshadow palette from Guerlain this Christmas is inspired by peacock feathers, and contains shades of taupe, green and blue, and is accessorised with a matte black to use for eyelining:

with flash
No Flash

I find that, in the flesh, these shades are remarkably similar to the promo photo, which is a refreshing change:

The shades are highly iridescent, and as a result are very complex. The taupe is a nice, cool shade, rather greyed out, and not as brown as usual and the dark blue is a gorgeously (and surprisingly) blackened shade of navy on the skin. The green, thankfully isn’t quite as pastel as it appears, it’s actually rather wearable, even for a mint-green avoider like myself, owing to not having a too whitened base shade:

I’d say that the “black” in the palette is slightly misnamed, as it’s more of a charcoal shade, nonetheless, some minor chalkiness aside, I found it quite easy to build up and smudge out again.  I love how the blue appears in the swatches!  These are a couple of passes with fingers (again, a more useless than a very useless thing sponge is included in the palette, and has been immediately discarded), on bare, unprimed skin.  The shadows are about averagely pigmented for the price range of £37, but they’re not as pigmented as the recent Topkapi palette from Chanel, which is the same price.  More comments on wear to come.

I’ll have a Face of the Day for you on Saturday, after I’ve shown you more of the collection.

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