19th September 2011

Guerlain Christmas – Meteorites Perles De Nuit & FotD

By Get Lippie

I have at least three sets of Guerlain Meteorites, the classic original, a set of the beige-coloured perles they released last year, the pressed perles, and this.  Okay, that’s five, but this may be my favourite set yet, for these are stunningly packaged.  From the zebra-skin printed box, to the tin, to the delicately silvered perles within, this is a beautiful addition to any dressing table:

Just divine:

Yeah, the logo is off-centre, I’m a moron

I love the shade of turquoise Guerlain have chosen for this collection, it just adds an extra touch of specialness to the whole set.

As to what is inside, you get the usual multi-shade tonal perles, designed to brighten, correct and enhance the complexion, but they have added a hint of silver to some of the perles on this release:

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They have the usual gorgeous violet scent, which is released even more once you swirl your powder brush over the perles before brushing the resulting powder over the skin.   The powder is very finely milled, and I find it needs minimal buffing to get a finely finished result.  I have noticed that because of the silver on some of the perles that you can occasionally get a speck of glitter on your face, but this is minimal, and the overall effect is regardless, very pretty.

Some people have been asking to see the eyemakeup look I created with the Guerlain Les Ombres de Nuit palette, so, here it is:

 I blended the cool taupe, and the green together on the mobile lid, defined the crease with the navy, and used the black to line.  This look was created without primer, and I found the shades lasted a good eight hours or so.  I finished off with Armani Eyes to Kill mascara.

Next time I wear it though, I’ll probably use it for a smokier look, with lots of the navy blended around the lashes, over a dark base, as I felt this was a little too blue for office-wear!

The Fine Print – PR Samples.  I got tired of writing the word Perles in this post, could you tell?

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