26th January 2012

New CID: i-glow and i-bronze

By Get Lippie

I don’t see an awful lot of New CID on the beauty blogs I read, which I think is a shame, because in my opinion, they make some of the best powder products available.  Over the last year, I’ve acquired almost a full set of their face colours (three i-glows and one i-bronze), and I thought it was about time I showed them to you, too.

From left to right we have Sirocco, Ice Pop and Coral Crush (all i-glows) and that is Rio on the far right, which is an i-bronze.

All are baked formulas, and they’re rather wonderful. Also, they last and last and last.  Coral Crush up there is the oldest (and most used) one in my collection, having been used at least three times a week for the last 12 months.  Next to it is Ice Pop, which I picked up last week.  Can you even tell that Coral Crush has been used 150 times more than Ice Pop? I don’t think you can.

The shades tend towards the slightly complex, here’s a closer look at all of them:


Ice Pop

Coral Crush


The powders are smooth and pigmented, Coral Crush and Sirocco are both shimmers, and Rio and Ice Pop are more on the matte side, though they both have seams of shimmer running through them.


With flash:

All of these have been swatched very heavily to get them to show up in the photo.  Normally I just swirl a big fluffy brush over the top of the pan, and swipe over my cheeks, if I’m using Coral Crush, there is normally no need for a highlighter too.

I’m not, I have to say, a fan of the packaging, it’s extremely bulky, but at least these products don’t come with the built in lights that are more or less standard on the rest of New CID’s range.  A lot of the packaging on New CIDs products is deeply, deeply gimmicky, and it makes me a little nutso sometimes, but these are fabulous.

New CID powders are available from QVC and selected Debenhams, they cost £19.50 each.

 The Fine Print: PR samples, collected over a very  long period of time.

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