5th January 2012

Tom Ford Nail Polish – Bitter Bitch

By Get Lippie

I splashed out a bit before Christmas, and went a bit crazy at the Tom Ford counter – admittedly, going a bit crazy at the Tom Ford counter can be very hurtful on the old wallet area, but sometimes you just have to, don’t you?  I looked at the lipglosses, and simply couldn’t decide which I wanted, but I knew I just had to have a nail varnish.  I picked Bitter Bitch (in spite of the name), because I don’t have many brown polishes, and this looked like a a nice rich one.

And it is:

A warm brown with reddish tints, I figured this would be a great shade for my new – shorter – nails.

With flash:

Natural light: 

It applies like a dream – the brush is slightly too long for my short nails, which can lead to pooling, but applied carefully, this is great, great polish.  The square lid on the top is removable:

Making for easier application.

It’s a creme finish without a hint of shimmer, and three coats makes for a delicious finish:

And again with flash:

Best of all, this stuff wears like iron!  The first time I applied it, it survived cooking Christmas dinner for ten, and was one for the best part of a week without showing any major chippage, but this was with three thin coats.  I’ve applied it since with just two thicker coats, and it has shown signs of chipping, minor signs, but still.

So, at £25 a throw, they’re pricey.  But, as I never reapply the same nail varnish twice in a month, and I’ve had this one for the best part of a fortnight now (with a two-day break for some Pasha from Zoya – as you can see in the second picture), I think you can safely say that it’s love …

The Fine Print – Purchase.  I bought this AND something else (coming soon), I think I was bamboozled by some unexpectedly good service at the Tom Ford counter in Selfridges …

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