9th July 2012

Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque

By Get Lippie

So, following on from my posts about Bare Minerals Upper Class Red, and Beaute Weightless Lip Creme in Masochist last week, I thought I’d show you what is considered to be the uber-red liquid lipstick, and that is Dragon, by Chanel.

A classic red, both deep and bloody, and lightly glimmering with gold, this is an undoubtedly gorgeous lip colour.  Sadly, I don’t like it very much.  I’ll get to why later, but first, here are some pictures:

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque has an innovatively shaped applicator, ostensibly lip-shaped, the dip in the middle of the doe-foot makes it easier to follow the outline of your lips, and this lends itself to a simpler application than with other, flatter applicators.

The shade itself is almost faultless, a warm, rich, deep shade, it contains golden micro-shimmer to stop the colour looking flat and one-dimensional on the lips without becoming a disco-ball:

It’s almost a “geisha” red shade, and is truly beautiful.  Sadly, I don’t like the formula much.  I find it has a bit too much slip, and, as a result, can be prone to seepage.  You will need a lipliner with this, and blotting is highly recommended too.  I also find that it doesn’t last as long on my lips as other deep reds, which is a disappointment.

So, how does the shade compare with other reds?  Here, I’m comparing it to the two other red liquid lipsticks I’ve already mentioned:

As you can see, Dragon is a little darker than either Upper Class or Masochiste, and the comparison makes the glimmer just a little more evident too.  It’s a little less orange than the other two, having a slightly more blue undertone.

There have been rumours about Dragon being discontinued from the Rouge Allure range for about a year now, but I picked this one up just a couple of months ago.  Overall, I’d say it was nice to have, but … later on this week I have a replacement for it that is EVEN BETTER.  Yes, you heard me, a liquid lipstick I love.  Possibly a bit too much, now I come to think about, I’ll keep you posted …

 The Fine Print: Chanel Dragon was a purchase.

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