16th July 2012

Wedding Hair

By Get Lippie

Wedding update:

Bought the dress
Found the shoes
Printed the invitations
Re-printed the invitations owing to original venue closing down
Gone on the diet (a necessary evil, alas – if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen my face on the blog recently, it’s because all my photos currently scream FAT)
Decided on the colour scheme (which is purple, grey and silver)
Considered strangling the person who told me that I can’t eat my own wedding cake
Considered stranging the person who told me I can’t have have artificial flowers in my bouquet
Got fed up with jewellers who don’t reply to emails, to the extent where I’m refusing to work with an “artisan” ever again, and am regretting ever deciding to work with an independent jeweller at all.
Decided on the wedding perfume
Had the wedding perfume vetoed by the groom
Considered strangling the groom for having terrible taste in perfume
Booked the band
Made a deal with a local hotel

NOT Done:
Finalised the guest list
Sent the invitations out
Set the menu
Decided whether we’re having speeches or not.
Sorted out the hen-party invitees
Decided whether I’m booking a make-up artist or not
Booked a series of facials
A million* other things.

What I have been doing instead of concentrating on things not done is got a bit obsessed with hair.  It started with a blog post from Kelly at Hair Advice & All Things Nice showing a picture of Kate Middleton’s (I know, I know) braided bun recently, and since then I’ve been collecting pictures of updos like a woman obsessed, I’ve even set up a Pinterest page for them!  I don’t want anything too sleek or structured, but I know I need an updo, because the wedding is in February, and I need something that won’t droop or blow around if the weather is awful.  Someone pointed out that I have a very rectangular face (gee, thanks), so I need a bit of width and softness to offset this. 

For a look at my current obsessions, take a look at: http://pinterest.com/getlippie/hair-inspiration, now I just need a hairdresser who can work with my crazy hair!

* Probably.  At this moment in time, I’m actually getting a bit bored of wedding planning.  Heresy, eh?

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