27th September 2012

From the Crypt: Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturiser

By Get Lippie

Not everyone has a makeup collection like mine, I realise.  By that, I mean that not everyone “loses” products under the pile of products that they own.  It’s not that I don’t know where anything is, you understand, but more like, well, I know it’s in there somewhere

The recent change in the weather has meant that my lips have been a bit drier than usual in the mornings, and rediscovering my tube of Malin+Goetz lip moisturiser has been a blessing before applying lipsticks early in the day.

Lipid-rich, this isn’t an oily balm, it’s a clear, lightweight gel that sinks in very quickly and provides a perfect base for lipstick.  The effects seems to last a bit longer than with a traditional lipbalm too.  We’ve had a joyous reunion, M+G lip moisturiser and I, I’m glad to have you back … 

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