12th November 2012

Evans & #Bootgate continued …

By Get Lippie

I promise, no more boot-based posts or tweets after this. I’m fed up of me. However I got the following email just now:

Hi Louise,

I am sorry to hear that you wish to decline the offer of £25.00 and are not happy with our goodwill gesture. Unfortunately we feel that this offer is appropriate to the nature of your complaint and are unable to increase this offer any further.

We are still looking into any information from the couriers and will update you once we have received a response from them in regards to the parcel being returned to us.

Kind Regards,
Evans Customer Services

To which I have responded:

Actually, the reason I keep declining your goodwill gestures is not because of the amount, but because of their content. I’ve made it perfectly clear on several occasions that I no longer wish to be a customer of yours because of the way I’ve been treated in the preceding four days.


Any “goodwill gesture” from any company where the offended party is then tied into further transactions with the organisation that has caused offence are something everyone should routinely reject.


It’s not a goodwill gesture for you to ask me for more money (the offer of a 10% discount on a “next purchase”). It is not a goodwill gesture for a company to offer something that is, essentially, worthless (a £10 gift card) without me spending money of my own. A goodwill gesture is something that doesn’t rely on me having to become a customer again, as it is the very act of being one of your customers that has caused the problem on this occasion. I’m not complaining about a faulty product, or a bit of upset caused by a thoughtless comment from a staff member, this little problem has cost me in the region of £350 when you add in lost work, the cost of other items I have had to buy to make up for your lack of delivery on this occasion, not to mention the hours (and I mean that literally) I’ve had to put into these emails, and my blogpost to get your company to take my situation seriously.


So, as a compromise, I suggest this: If you want to make a “goodwill gesture”, then actually *make* a gesture. One that will engender actual, real, genuine and sincere goodwill. Send some flowers, make a donation to charity (I’ll choose it if you like), apologise publicly, or something – anything! – but, whatever you or your boss decides to do, just do something that isn’t merely a “Here’s a voucher, now go buy something else from us and get out of our hair”-shaped “gesture”, please.


I’ll edit this post later if they respond.  Many thanks to everyone for the tweets, DMs, Facebook messages and emails I’ve had regarding this morning’s blog post, I’ve really appreciated the support today! I don’t normally worry about pressing publish, but today I did. I’m glad I didn’t have to…

Edited to add:

They changed their offer from a £25 “gift” card to a £25 cheque.  I have accepted this, and will donate it to charity.

The boots are still, at the time of writing, “with the courier for delivery”.

I will never shop at Evans Online again.

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