22nd January 2013

The Anti-Perfume: Philosophy Amazing Grace

By Get Lippie

After yesterdays boggling, something a little less controversial, I think. I like my perfumes big and strong (like I like my men, now I come to think of it*), so Philosophy Amazing Grace is a bit of a departure for me.  A light floral, with a clean musk base, it’s the antipathy of practically everything in my fragrance collection.  As such, I should hate it.

But I don’t.

It’s the smell of towels fresh from the dryer, of sheets drying on a line on a warm sunny day, there are flowers in there (sadly indistinguishable from one another), and the smell of warm skin straight out of the shower, then fragrant laundry-musks complete the fragrance. It is, essentially, the scent of one of the more expensive washing powders on the market.  It contains the very essence of cleanliness, warmth, and cheery comfort, like taking a sweater from the cupboard and giving it a sniff and realising it still has just a hint of the perfume you wore last buried deep in its folds. Which is a neat trick, when you think about it. 

Amazing Grace is a great fragrance for those who think they don’t like perfume, or aren’t  allowed to wear highly fragranced products because of their jobs, but still wish to smell clean, polite, and inoffensive.  That’s why I’ve labelled this post “The Anti-Perfume”, because this is how I see Amazing Grace: a nice smell, but it sure as heck ain’t a “fine fragrance”.

If all that sounds like I’m damning Amazing Grace with faint praise, I’m actually not. For a long time I wore only Demeter Laundromat which really does smell like fabric conditioner (I’m weird, shut up), and Amazing Grace is also a good replication of that smell.  I genuinely like it a great deal, it’s simple, easy to wear, rather pretty, and great way to smell “nice” without anyone wondering where the faint smell of burning tar/mangrove swamp/fly spray is coming from, as can happen with some of my more … er … avant garde scentsations.  It has the lasting power of your average mayfly though, so if you want it to last (at least slightly longer), then layer it over the matching body products – the shower gel in particular is extremely good.

Now, if I could only get MrLippie to STOP STEALING THE DAMN STUFF!  We’re gonna need a bigger bottle …

*Hugh Jackman.  MrLippie who?

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