18th February 2013


By Get Lippie
Photo by Priya Sonn (stunned-mullet faces, all our own work)

Well, the wedding was on Saturday, and, we had the best day. Seriously, the loveliest, funniest day ever. We were blessed with great weather, good friends, and getting to share our day with the people we love was an amazing experience!  And there was cake.  LOTS of cake!

Photo by Helen Burnham

There is no real post today, or this week really (I’ll be back on a regular posting schedule next week) but I wanted to share a couple of our pictures with you and say a heartfelt thanks to some of the people who helped make yesterday so special:

In no particular order:

MakeUpByKaty who did brilliant makeup, and was wonderful company in the hours before the ceremony
Naomi at Neville Salon who does the best blow dries I’ve ever had.  EVER.  (full review soon!)
Helen & Caroline for sorting out the hen party, and allowing me not to ever worry about it.
Amy at The Beauty Slice for dragging herself out of her sickbed and making my family look wonderful.
Lovely’s Vintage Emporium, where we found the most beautiful vintage wedding jewellery
Fushigi Shop, who designed, and made, the beautiful gifts for the wedding party
Jack Howard for being best colourist ever, and a really good friend too.
Sheenie, who made the cupcakes, and Jane who made the wedding cake, all of which were so good people were having seconds (and thirds!)
There’s also Sheonaidh, who is one of the best friends a girl ever had.  Especially to a bad-tempered unreliable midget  like myself. Thank you for being with me during the collywobbles.
Of course, big thanks to Priya Sonn for being a fun and wonderful wedding photographer. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the official shots!
There’s also our friends and our families, too numerous to mention individually, who all came together on Saturday and made it such a warm, fun and friendly day.  You guys rock, and we’re lucky to know all of you!

Photo by Selena Peters

And finally, to my husband, who has my heart, is in my soul, is my partner-in-crime, and is always my best friend, even when I don’t deserve it.  Being the partner of a dedicated beauty blogger isn’t an easy thing, but, Matthew, thank you for always letting me have the run of the cupboard space. I love you.

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