9th March 2016

Diptyque Rosaviola Candle and Solid Fragrance

By Get Lippie

Good grief I fell hard for Rosaviola!  I didn’t intend to, it’s pink, it’s girly, and it’s very, very, very sweet.  But I have, and what’s done is done.  I went to the Diptyque store in St Germain (I think I may have mentioned that I’ve been in Paris recently?) fully intending to buy something super-exclusive and incredibly French (not to mention achingly chic), and I came back with … pink.


Rosaviola is, essentially, a blend of rose and violet, and it smells like lipstick.  There’s not much more to it than that, to be honest, but it’s so pretty, and so friendly and good-natured that I couldn’t really help myself.  Violet fragrances speak to me these days in a pretty visceral way, that they never used to before my nose got brain damage, and so this is a lovely and easy to wear perfume for me.  The violet also tempers the rose to my nose – roses still occasionally smell dusty or burned – so it’s a light and fresh, and yes, girly and friendly smell.

I hate myself.  But it’s got lips on, so it’s okay.  The lasting time can be measure in literally minutes, but I don’t really care.  It’s lovely.

I think I need help.  If anyone wants me, I’ll be drowing myself in a bucket of Muscs Kubla Khan by Serge Lutens until this phase passes …

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