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7th June 2012

Hot Weather Saviours

What do you mean it’s cold out?  Well, I wrote this during the hot weather we had recently, and these products were a godsend.  A godsend, I tell you.  So, there’s no harm in leaving this post as it is, there will be hot weather again … at some point … Dove Natural Touch Deodorant with Dead Sea Minerals Cool-scented with cucumber (rather strongly scented, […]

15th May 2012

SOS! I burned my face off!

Hi there, my name is Luce, and I am a beauty blogger.  And an idiot.  I have sensitive skin, I KNOW I have sensitive skin, and, I’ll bet, half of you know I have sensitive skin too.  So why, WHY? did I decide to trial a new facemask an hour before an important lunch on Sunday? I’ll tell you why, because I’m an IDIOT. The […]

24th April 2012

Current Skincare Routine

Serious Face is Serious  I haven’t had a picture of my face on the blog for a while, and there has been a variety of reasons for that, but I tweeted this – totally makeup free! – instragram picture of my mug the other day, and A Lot of people asked for details of my current skincare routine, so here it is. From left to […]

14th March 2012

Current Skincare Routine

Well, it’s two routines really, one for morning and one for evening!  Winter, even a mild winter such as the one we’ve just had can be hard on my temperamental combination oil-dehydrated skin, so the main thing I add to my routines (AM and PM) is to add an oil. So, in the evenings, I’ll do a deep cleanse with Nude Cleansing Oil, lots of […]

12th July 2011

Post-Holiday Product Round-Up

Well, I think we can say this year’s holiday was a success!  We ate lots, drank lots, walked lots, have lovely tans, and – best of all – I didn’t get prickly heat!  If you read my holiday preparation posts, you’ll know that this was the main thing I was worried about before we headed off, and I couldn’t be happier that I was able […]

2nd June 2011

Elemis Freshskin

I do like a bit of Elemis, so when I found out they were launching a more “affordable” range of skin care, I was delighted.  Then, when I discovered that the aforementioned range of skincare was designed for 16-24 year olds, I was heartbroken. But, I’m not one to brood, so,  being the kind-hearted soul that I am, I passed a selection of the products […]

22nd April 2011

My Current Skincare Routine – Reactive Skin

In almost two years of beauty blogging (seriously, how the hell did that happen?) I’ve been incredibly blessed in that my sometimes sensitive skin hasn’t broken out in boils, blotches and mysterious rashes.  Until recently, that is.  Something I’ve been using near my eyes has caused a hot, red, itchy rash, and, to put it mildly, I’m not happy! I’ve narrowed down the possible offenders […]

9th March 2011

My Current Skincare Routine

It’s been a while since I mentioned skincare, I think – which is mainly because I have a rather settled routine at the moment, which I’m a bit loathe to change before the weather does! And the title’s a misnomer too, as I actually have two skin care routines, one am and one pm!  So here’s my evening routine first: ( (L-R)  Alpha H Absolute […]

1st March 2011

Prai 02 Infusion with Vacuum Technology

 At the moment, I’m on a bit of a cleansing kick, and when the opportunity came up to try this one out, I leapt at it, as it sounded intriguing.  It promises an “innovative formula” which contains oxygen molecules to stop your skin being lackluster and promises a more youthful and “refreshed” look.   In use, this light, apricot coloured gel transforms into a mousse, […]

11th October 2010

Winter Skin Preparation

I had a request from a reader to write about how to prepare skin for the coming winter months. I’ll be honest, I don’t change my skincare routine much unless the condition of my skin changes drastically, with that in mind, I’ll tell you what my current routine is, and what I’m planning to change when the weather gets colder. I have combination skin, which […]

3rd July 2010

Guest Post: Less of your Lip

Today’s guest poster, Peter Jones of, explains why less is clearly more. Here are the items on the shelf in my bathroom: toothpaste, antiperspirant, aftershave. There’s also a tube of Hydra Energetic, Anti-Fatigue, Instant Action Eye Care. My wife bought it for me. According to the side of the tube I’m supposed to apply it morning and evening, gently patting it into the “eye […]

9th June 2010

Review – Skin.NY Skincare

Remember this post? I had a little rant about the Utter Drivel that was written on the boxes, then said I’d be trying the creams out for six weeks, so I could see if they would turn me into Ava Gardner overnight.  Well, 28 nights, but you catch my drift … Well, I signed up to try them for six weeks, but I am here […]