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24th April 2010

Organic Weekend – Natural & Organic Products Europe Show

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the Natural & Organic Products Europe (NOPE) show at Olympia, as a guest of Balm Balm, who you’ve heard me talk about on several occasions before. Dedicated to bringing together the brightest and the best of organic and natural products, NOPE is a trade show, which allows brands to showcase their wares to interested […]

10th February 2010

Organic Wednesday – Balm Balm

My love for lipbalms is well known worldwide (seriously, I don’t think Badger have forgiven me for kicking up such a fuss about Chai Rose yet, but they’re still lovely people! And lovely balms too), so I thought I might be forgiven for talking about yet another one that I really like. BalmBalm I love, because unlike a lot of organic companies, their labelling is […]