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20th May 2013

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Remover Review

Now, I don’t have a moustache, but, if I did, I like to think I’d rock it a bit like this: Sadly, as the moustache I most definitely do NOT have is a little wispy thing, I can’t rock it with this kind of panache on a daily basis, so I generally leave it be.  Waxing your face is painful and can leave you with […]

29th March 2010


I bought these just after Christmas for the bargain price of about £15, I love the post-Christmas sales, I think the normal retail price of this little lot is about £30!  There’s a double size shower gel, a  full-size body butter and a trial-size handcream. So, why has it take me till nearly April to review them?  Well, they’re just a bit meh.  I’ve read […]