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24th July 2016

How to fight chafing and blisters in the heat with Bodyglide

This is a public service announcement.  Every year at this time my twitter and facebook feeds are full of my otherwise lovely lady friends showing off pictures of their blisters (seriously, STOP THAT) from their pretty summer sandals, and worrying about chafing (or chub-rub) in … intimate … places, and on every single post, I place this link: https://www.getlippie.com/2011/04/whoa-bodyglide.html  I first wrote it five years […]

18th July 2013

Hot Weather Helpers

Knowing my luck, by the time you read this, the weather will have broken, and we’ll have been plunged back into the perma-winter we’ve known this entire year.  In which case, please accept my sincere apologies, and hopefully this will come in handy for the four days of summer we’re likely to get next year …  I’m addicted to sprays in the summer, and two […]

26th April 2011

Whoa … Bodyglide …

… Bodyglide for yooooooooooouuuuuuu ….  (with apologies to the Bodyform people) This is the least glamorous product ever featured on a beauty blog! Nonetheless, it’s a lifesaver for me, particularly in the summer. Chafing, ladies and gents, is not sexy.  It’s not much fun either, being painful, and in summer it can lead to limited clothing opportunities, owing to the need to dress in a […]