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29th November 2010

Browhaus Lashes in Bloom – Eyelash Extensions

So impressed was I with my initial visit to Browhaus, that I recently went back at my own expense and got myself kitted out with some eyelash extensions. Browhaus will do your lashes to your exact specification, natural, full, curly, long, however you want them!  I asked for full-on dramatic lashes, hoping to replicate the effect I always want from mascaras and am always disappointed […]

18th November 2010


I am genetically incapable of plucking my own eyebrows, I make a mess of it leaving them uneven and prone to bald spots.  Add in my general poor eyesight, and the fact that I’m a total cack handed muppet anyway, and it’s mainly just a recipe for disaster, so I just pay someone to do it for me.  I can’t leave them to their own […]