Tag: Clinique

4th October 2009

Makeover: Kate

It’s Sunday, so that means only one thing here at Get Lippie HQ, it’s makeover day!  I love makeover days, the anticipation (and worry) about what kind of look I’m going to give my wonderful volunteer, and the satisfaction when my model disappears afterward looking pleased and happy with the results gives my heart a little lift. I ask all my lovely volunteers to bring […]

27th September 2009

Makeover: Sharon Pt 1

We’re going to do the makeover in two parts today – you’ll see why when part two is posted later … Meet Sharon: Sharon is another friend of mine who has volunteered for a makeover. Whilst chatting about how she’d like to look, she had two requests, firstly, she wanted a nice, simple, polished look suitable for interviews and everyday wear.  The second we’ll talk […]

29th January 2009

Products I Love

There are so many cosmetic products out there these days, that products don’t really need to stand the test of time, there is always the latest “wonder product” to replace things with. For me, the test of whether a product is any good or not is “Will I buy it again?” and, in the vast majority of cases, the answer quite simply is no. Luzzegain […]