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1st January 2012

Haircare Gadget of the Year

Haircare gadgets and I do not get along.  I’m both a cack-handed muppet, and lazy.  Very, very, very lazy.  I do, in actual fact, own a hairdryer, but I’ve no idea where it is at the moment. In 2011, I practically gave up using all heated appliances on my hair (even my beloved Cloud Nine’s have taken a little break over the last six months […]

25th July 2011

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Heated rollers, they’re not the sexiest bit of kit out there, are they?  Whenever I think of them, I think of my mum’s old set of Carmen rollers, and the associated pins that never kept the slippery rollers in her hair! Enrapture, however, have brought out a set of hair curlers that is easy to use, quick to heat, and gives outstanding (in this humble […]