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18th October 2016

Jo Malone London Launch Basil and Neroli Fragrance

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of Jo Malone London Basil and Neroli fragrance earlier this year,  and I’m very glad I did go, because this little bottle of sunshine hasn’t left my handbag since.  I’m a huge fan of Lime, Basil and Mandarin, the brands “signature” fragrance and I was delighted when I discovered that Jo Malone London were […]

6th March 2016

LipsNSpritz of the Week March 06 2016

 This week was an incredibly busy one – I’m an accountant by day, and I’m currently preparing for year end, plus preparing to move house, at the same time, because I am an idiot), so LipsNspritz took an accidental back seat this week.  That said, I did manage to wear some lovely ones: Monday was a Jo Malone London Vetiver Cologne day.  My (recovering!) parosmia […]

1st November 2015

LipsNspritz 31.10.15

   It was definitely a week of two halves, lipstick-wise at least! Bright reds, by Guerlain (Rouge Parade), Burberry (Military Red) and Art Deco (Dita Von Teese collection) were the order of the day, particularly on Wednesday, when I felt a real need for power dressing, which called for a hugely long-lasting red (as the Art Deco is), and when paired with Donna Karan Signature […]

25th October 2015

#LipsNspritz 25.10.15

  I love instagram at the moment, and one of my favourite things I do on there is cataloguing my daily perfume and lipstick choices via the hashtag #LipsNspritz. Lipstick and perfume are really the final finishing touches to any outfit, and, whilst no one needs to know how boring my eyemakeup and dress-choices are every day (cardigans ROOL!), perfume and lipstick do add life […]

17th September 2015

Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom

As a result of losing my sense of smell last year, I’m attracted to smells that stimulate my trigeminal nerve as well as my olfactory one, and, from a perfume point of view, that means spicy fragrances are my friend, so when I heard about Jo Malone London Mimosa and Cardamom fragrance being launched recently, I was intrigued. The last fragrance I really took to […]

3rd May 2013

Jo Malone London Osmanthus Blossom

  The latest beautifully packaged fragrance from Jo Malone London is Osmanthus Blossom.  A delicate, fresh floral, this is gorgeously spring-like, with hints of apricot and cashmere wood in the base. The bottle is etched, and comes with a coloured back panel too: The scent is lovely and light, very simple and crisp, gently floral without being too granny-like.  It’s easy to wear, and perfectly […]