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20th November 2012

Shopping My Stash …

My makeup collection is insane.  It always has been, admittedly, but one of the side-effects of being a beauty blogger is that you’re constantly being seduced by the call of the new, and old-favourites can sometimes get sidelined.  Sometimes, however, I like to take a little wander around products that have been favourites in the past (called “shopping your stash”, by beauty bloggers) and rediscover […]

27th September 2012

From the Crypt: Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturiser

Not everyone has a makeup collection like mine, I realise.  By that, I mean that not everyone “loses” products under the pile of products that they own.  It’s not that I don’t know where anything is, you understand, but more like, well, I know it’s in there somewhere … The recent change in the weather has meant that my lips have been a bit drier […]

20th December 2010

Malin + Goetz at St Martins Lane Hotel

I do love a little bit of Malin+Goetz, their pared-down very  “New York” aesthetic really speaks to me for some reason.  I think what I love about them is that they don’t make outrageous claims for their products (no “reclaiming your lost beauty”-style ramblings for them, thank goodness!) and the range itself is markedly simple, if ever-expanding, but, the products do work, and they work […]

20th October 2010

Candle Wall …

I love candles, now I’ve moved to Maison Lippie, I have an entire display unit devoted to my favourites, they make the room smell wonderful, even when they’re not burning: Top Row: (L-R) Orla Kiely White Tea (£12.50 from Heals) – this one doesn’t really smell of anything when it’s burning, which is a shame, as it smells wonderful in the holder. Jonathan Ward Lost […]

12th March 2010

Lip Balm Roundup.

I’ve been collecting lip balms again! I know I do a lip balm post seemingly every other week (there is a reason the blog is called Get Lippie, you know …)  but the last few have concentrated on more natural ranges, and I thought that this week that I’d talk about some which are chock-full of chemicals and science an’ t’ings.  I’ll do this in […]