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14th May 2012

Get Lippie Lip Marker at Topshop

I’m a well-known fashion icon.  No really, stop sniggering at the back, my love of a comfy shoe, an elasticated trouser, a button-thru cardigan, a red lip, the sequinned Ugg, and, of course, my repeated use of the singular instead of the plural constantly marks me out as one of the most fashionable beauty bloggers writing today.  It’s safe to say that my Motley Crue […]

17th November 2010

Top Shop Lipsticks

 I’m a makeup snob.  I know it, and I rarely make any apologies for it!  However, I do like a little look around makeup from the high street every now and again.  Now, I am old enough to remember TopShop’s original range of makeup (which, if memory serves was based around rip-offs homages of Nars Multiples, I still have both the silver and the gold […]