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28th February 2013

Wedding Flowers with Silk Blooms

Photo by Helen Burnham I wasn’t that fussed about flowers for the wedding, to be honest, and I wasn’t even going to bother.  But, after three sets of parents (look, it’s complicated, okay?) asked what we were having, we realised that maybe flowers were a bigger deal than we’d realised and we did some investigating. Picture by Priya Sonn I knew all along that having […]

25th February 2013

Honeymoon Makeup Bag

I didn’t want to take a huge amount of products with me to Paris last week, so broke out a tiny sampling of tried and trusted favourites, and new bits that needed a good testing, and made do with one – ONE! – lipstick whilst I was there.  I figured, hey, it’s Paris, there’s a Sephora on the doorstep if it all goes wrong! Luckily,  […]

18th February 2013


Photo by Priya Sonn (stunned-mullet faces, all our own work) Well, the wedding was on Saturday, and, we had the best day. Seriously, the loveliest, funniest day ever. We were blessed with great weather, good friends, and getting to share our day with the people we love was an amazing experience!  And there was cake.  LOTS of cake! Photo by Helen Burnham There is no […]

5th February 2013

Wedding Preparation – My Current Skincare Regime

Spending a lot of time worrying about a) my skin, b) breaking my nails, and c) my wedding perfume at the moment.  The wedding is eleven days away now (seriously, where the hell has the year since we got engaged gone?), and I thought I’d share some of my routines with you. Nails and perfume will come later, but for today, I’m focusing on skincare. All […]

16th July 2012

Wedding Hair

Wedding update: Done:   Bought the dress Found the shoes Printed the invitations Re-printed the invitations owing to original venue closing down Gone on the diet (a necessary evil, alas – if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen my face on the blog recently, it’s because all my photos currently scream FAT) Decided on the colour scheme (which is purple, grey and silver) Considered strangling […]

8th May 2012

Lippie Wedding Update – We Need Help!

 Nothing really goes smoothly during wedding planning, hmn?  At this time last week, we had everything set, the ceremony was booked, the reception was booked, the invites were printed, the guest list was drawn up, the cakes had been ordered, the photographer booked, the hairdresser arranged, the bouquet picked out, the band arranged, practically everything! Not to mention that I had literally just bought my […]

29th April 2012

Engagement Bling II – Monica Vinader Mini Luna

I was devastated when the original engagement rings MrLippie and I had decided on turned out to be … not as high in quality as we would have liked, two of them kept dulling, and marking my finger, so, it was with some regret that we decided to replace them.  I’d had my eye on the rings at Monica Vinader for a while, and initially […]

12th March 2012

Engagement Bling(s)

I won’t be doing too many wedding-themed posts, don’t worry, but I tweeted the above picture of my engagement rings yesterday (what can I say, I’m indecisive!), and a lot of people were asking about them, so I thought I’d post about them here. I’m not that adventurous with my jewellery, to be honest, I have a few pieces (above) that I wear day-in day-out […]

5th March 2012

Dear Reader …

I’m marrying him. Relax girls, he’s (nearly) married. I promise not to become a Bridezilla:   (But I can’t promise not to become a Bridezuki over the next few months – sorry.  Although, in all honesty, I’ll probably be more of a bridal Scrappy Doo in any case, short and annoying.  My usual self, in fact) Like any self-respecting beauty blogger my first worries are: perfume, […]