29th January 2012

In defence of Uggs

By Get Lippie

I’m a bit of a magpie, and when Mr Lippie and I were passing the Ugg shop at Westfield yesterday, I got sucked in by some shiny sequinned “trainers” in violet with aurora borealis sequins.  It was whilst I was cooing over them, that Mr Lippie spotted these:

And, well, they came home with us, and I’m wearing them RIGHT NOW.

I love them.  They’re warm, soft and comfortable, thanks to the sheepskin lining:

They’re like wandering around on little pillowy clouds of … er … sheep. They come up small though, thanks to the lining, so I had to go up a size and a half (I’m normally a 4.5 or a 5, depending, but I ended up buying them in size 6.5 to make room for my toes – which cannot be squashed under any circumstances)  I bought the black because they’re practical – no, really, I’ll be wearing these to the office tomorrow, I guarantee it  – but I have to warn you that these will soon be mine too:

 Purple shoes!

I tweeted about buying Uggs yesterday, and I’ve never been so astonished by a reaction on Twitter, to what was (for me) a fairly innocuous tweet!  Plus, I was kind of disgusted by the reaction of a couple of people who came across quite unintentionally (I suspect) as snobby asshats. Even those ones who thought they were being amusing annoyed the crap out of me.  I don’t judge people by what they wear, and for people to judge other people ONLY by what they wear makes me sick, and it always has done.  There, that’s my career as a fashion blogger over before it has begun … 

Anyway, I have Mortons Neuroma in both feet, a condition which means flat shoes are a way of life for me, and always will be.  The nerves in the balls of my feet, and between my toes, are enlarged, and on days when they’re really flaring up, it can feel like I have marbles implanted under the skin, and walking on days like that is no fun, believe you me.  My feet ache almost constantly, even on good days, so, when I find comfortable shoes that don’t pinch my feet, and protect my soles from the pavement, I tend to snap them up, and bugger the label.  I’d buy shoes made by Stalin if they had thick but reasonably soft soles and didn’t squash my toes together.  I’ve suffered with this problem on and off for about 15 years, but the problem only really got unbearable after doing a full marathon for the Moonwalk a few years ago.  I haven’t worn heels from that day to this.

It’s not like I’m running around in these in a mini-skirt and fake tan, for crying out loud.  It’s surprisingly difficult to find flat shoes that aren’t thin-soled or intended for six year old going to a birthday party (I will NOT buy shoes with bows or flowers – though, judging by my love of these, I’m obviously not averse to a bit of bling) and buying shoes is the one thing on earth that is guaranteed to have me in tears of frustration within about an hour. Shoe-buying saps my soul, and being judged for shopping decisions I have to make, rather than choose to make is bloody annoying.

So, in a nutshell, I’ve just paid Β£125 for a pair of sheepskin-lined trainers that I adore and then I’ve spent 600 or so words on the internet trying to justify my life decisions to a bunch of people on twitter.  :sigh:

I own a pair of Crocs too – there, I said it. Get stuffed, haters. 

The Fine Print:  I bought these – well technically, I split the cost of them with MrLippie, he’s nice like that – I’m not affiliated with Uggs.  They’ll probably kill me when they read this. 

PS All images shameless stolen from Ugg themselves.

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