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13th October 2016

Armani Lip Magnets Lip Swatches

In yesterday’s post, I gave the full review, today is just lip swatches of the newly released Armani Lip Magnets.  The colours are lovely and pigmented, and easy to wear without drying the lips. Top Row 300, 301 and 302 2nd Row 400, 401 and 402 3rd Row 500, 501 and 506 4th Row 601 and 602. In the same order, here are the lipswatches, […]

12th October 2016

Armani Lip Magnets launch nationwide on October 28th

 2016 has been a great year for lipstick lovers, especially BRIGHT lipstick lovers, like, er … me! Armani have launched a great range of mattes recently – they’re currently exclusive to Selfridges, but they’ll launch nationwide on October 28th, and I have a bunch of them here.  In today’s post I’ll talk about the colours and the formula, and I’ll put swatches into the post […]

9th September 2016

Nair Nourish Upper Lip Kit Review

Hello! My name is Get Lippie, and I have a moustache.  If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got one too, man, woman or child.  Don’t worry, there’s no judgement here, but there is shedloads of judgement out there, this I know.  I had someone recently say in an email that they loved my choice of lipsticks on instagram, but my upper-lip hair was making them […]

4th February 2016

Clinique Sweet Pots ptII – Black Honey and Red Velvet

It’s hard having completist tendencies.  I mentioned Clinique Sweet Pots a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned that I wanted Red Velvet and Black Honey.  And lo! Here are Red Velvet and Black Honey (note to Clinique, I can’t resist Black Honey anything, as well you know).  From left to right here are Candied Cassis, Orange Blossom and Pink Framboise, then Red Velvet and Black […]

22nd January 2016

Clinique Sweet Pots

Packaged like macarons, and available in the sweetest of shades, the Clinique Sweet Pots are rather cute and lovely. This is Candied Cassis, Orange Blossom and Pink Frambois. Yeah, I broke the cardinal blogging rule and swatched before shooting! Consisting of a finely-textured sugar scrub and a gently tinted balm in either side, these are Clinique’s answer to Lush’s Lip Scrubs.  The idea is that […]

17th December 2015

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

I was so bummed when I missed out on the original, limited edition release of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil earlier this year, I love lip oils – don’t think enough brands do them – and these ones literally sold out in seconds.  Available in two flavours, Honey (on the left up there) and Raspberry (right), the Instant Light Lip Oils don’t really […]

9th September 2015

Burberry Kisses Gloss in 77 Tangerine and 97 Plum Pink

There’s no joy much more fun than a brand new lipgloss, and, as I love a bit of Burberry, and a bit of lipgloss,  so when a couple of them were included in a recent delivery from the now-iconic British brand, I was happy indeed. The perspex tubes that make the glosses look like test tubes, and the lovely pewter packaging all add up to […]

6th September 2015

Skincare (and other stuff) of the week 06.09.15

Because I’m knee-deep in the middle of a proper skincare testing period, the only things I’ve really been changing around at the moment are my cleansers, and the four in these pictures this week really are amongst my most favourite cleansers of all.  From the slightly minty-fresh (but not overpowering or drying) balm of Zelens Z Pure Cleansing Liquid Balm to … The fragrance-free, industrial-strength, […]

28th July 2015

Ultimate Nars Lip Pencil Set

  This summer’s (Selfridges only) limited edition collection from Nars is a godsend for nude-lip lovers!  Billed as the “Ultimate Lip Pencil Set”, the bright and lovely box contains three nude lip pencils in Stourhead, (satin formula) a lavender nude which is limited edition to this collection only, Biscayne Pink (satin formula), a browner pink, and Sex Machine (velvet matte formula) which is a more […]

26th March 2015

Sephora Cream Lip Stains

  I have a full-time job, I run two blogs, and I do volunteer work on a regular basis.  That said, I’m also a lazy bitch, so I like my makeup to last, and last well.  I’ve not met a lipstain that works so well as the Sephora Cream Lip Stains, whenever I’m in Paris, I make a beeline for them, and buy backups of […]