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28th April 2013

Lipsticks of the Week: Soft Reds

   It’s been a red kind of week, but I couldn’t face my usual bright “in your face” kind of shades, so softer, gentler, easier-wearing kinds of reds (and a pink) have dominated my look this week: From left to right we have: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet – I’ve largely ignored the Revlon Lip Butter hype, as the colours have all been […]

10th March 2013

Lippie’s Lust List #2 Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

Seriously, how gorgeous are these?  Full review for you later on in the week, but just had to share this picture today! This post: Lippie’s Lust List #2 Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm originated at: Get Lippie All rights reserved. If you are not reading this post at Get Lippie, then this content has been stolen by a scraper

4th March 2013

Boots Avert Electronic Cold Sore Machine

  There has been a plague upon the House of Lippie this winter, a veritable plague of cold-sores.  If you follow me on Twitter at all, you’ll know that barely a week has gone by for the last couple of months without me complaining about yet another crop of painful blisters.  Sorry about that by the way! Teal is simply THE colour for cold sores this […]

28th November 2012

Burts Bees Giant Lip Balm Tube

I love a good lip balm or two (or five, or ten, or twenty or so) and I was delighted when this giant tube of beeswax goodness turned up from Burts Bees recently, I may even have clapped my hands a little.  I’m a sad old … person, sometimes.  But, there’s something about the glee you get from an oversized version of a small product […]

2nd October 2012

Top Three: Illamasqua Lipsticks Box, Magnetism & Salacious

  I love a bit of lipstick.  Some of you might have noticed.  I also love a bit of Illamasqua, so I thought I’d show you my top three Illamasqua shades. Step forward Box, Magnetism and Salacious: Box is a classic blue red, Magnetism is a cool raspberry, and Salacious is a beautiful pink-red. Here’s a closer look: Whilst I adore these colours, I’m not […]

30th June 2011

Guest Post – Love Your Lips

I love Oh Panda!  She’s a mine of information, and a source of inspiration, and she’s a total sweetheart to boot.  Here she is to talk to us today about how to look after your lips … ***** It’s all well and good buying a new lipstick, falling in love with it and never wanting to take it off but it is important to look […]

31st March 2011

A sneaky peek …

Some people are fascinated by my array of lipsticks, so here’s a sneaky peek at something I’ll be posting about in more detail very soon: Doesn’t look much there (well, to me it doesn’t, but I’m aware that they are jammed in that drawer four or five deep), but that’s only one part of my collection …

19th March 2010

Chanel Coco Rouge Swatches

  I make no apologies whatsoever for featuring Chanel’s latest lipstick offerings once again. Beyond gorgeous formulations, pigmented, light and beautifully moisturising, they’re everything YSL Rouge Voluptes should be, but aren’t (I’ll give you my thoughts on those another time). Since I unexpectedly picked up Cambon way back in January, I’ve since been out and bought two more, Mademoiselle, and Rouge Orage.  Cambon is a […]

2nd February 2010

Lip of the Day – Chanel Rouge Coco “Cambon”

This is a sneak preview of one of the lipsticks Chanel is premiering in March, from their “Rouge Coco” range, the shade I have is “Cambon”: Chanel are introducing this range of lipsticks – all named after Coco Chanel’s favourite things, this one is named after the Cambon Handbag, hence the picture at the top there – for the spring/summer season.  Highly moisturising, and very […]

16th January 2010

Here is the nude …

One thing I don’t actually find as universally appealing as we’re told is the “nude lip” look that’s so popular these days.  I’ve noticed in my trawls around a lot of magazines, books and blogs that a lot of women appear to be scared of colour on their lips, and I’m wondering why that is?  Get your lip colour right, I always think and you […]