19th March 2010

Chanel Coco Rouge Swatches

By Get Lippie


I make no apologies whatsoever for featuring Chanel’s latest lipstick offerings once again. Beyond gorgeous formulations, pigmented, light and beautifully moisturising, they’re everything YSL Rouge Voluptes should be, but aren’t (I’ll give you my thoughts on those another time).

Since I unexpectedly picked up Cambon way back in January, I’ve since been out and bought two more, Mademoiselle, and Rouge Orage.  Cambon is a bright – BRIGHT! – hot pink, which leans towards orange, Mademoiselle is a lovely nude rose, and Rouge Orage is a soft blood-red.  I find the colours last three to four hours before they need a touch up.  There is a hint of the classic Chanel lipstick scent (which I happen to adore, but I know some people have a problem with scents), and they cover the lips perfectly in one swipe.

On the lips, Cambon:

Last time I swatched this, the pictures made it look rather too scarlet.  This is a much better representation of the colour, a hot, hot pink, with no real blue undertones.  A happy-making colour.


This is the signature shade of the range, and possibly rightfully so.  I’ve seen a lot of swatches of this recently, and I think it’s a very nice neutral, goes-with-anything colour and it seems to suit most people, though I’ve noticed it can look a fair bit redder on people with a lot of pink in their skin.  My hands are pinker than my face, and I’ve noticed the hand swatch is redder than the lip swatch as a result.  On my lips, however, it’s a wonderful nude-shade.


I love this colour!  Haven’t seem this one getting too much attention lately, but when I went on a mad swatching-frenzy in my local Debenhams recently (seriously, I got through a box of kleenex and half a bottle of their makeup remover, they hate me in there), this shade just called out to me.  It’s a warm, but not too orange red, that’s quite suitable for daytime wear.  It doesn’t, in all honesty, look like anything out of the ordinary in the tube, dare I say it even looks a bit dull? But put this on skin, and it’s beautiful.  It might just be my new favourite red, as it very wearable, and not too garish. Not as scary as it might look in the tube, well, I think so anyway.

Will you be trying any of the Rouge Cocos?  What’s your favourite shade? Rouge Cocos are widely available now, and cost £21.