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20th August 2013

Bodhi Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil

 Even in the summer, I’m a big fan of facial oils.  The opportunity came up to try a product from the range of Bodhi, and the Neroli Luce revitalising oil seeemed like the perfect choice, not least because … well … Luce is my nickname. But that’s not the only reason I picked it, I swear! Anyhoo.  Bodhi is a UK brand that’s been around […]

16th August 2013

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood

I have literally spent months trying to track this bloody thing down.  Every SpaceNK I visit, I stare forlornly at the hole where Mood (and Diffused) are supposed to be, and then turn, dejected, back out to the street after yet another fruitless shopping trip.  FINALLY I managed to track this one down on Liberty.  I’m still on the lookout for Diffused, btw, so if […]

7th August 2013

Guerlain Christmas 2013 – Les Meteorites “Crazy Pearls”.

All this week, I’m featuring my picks of the Guerlain “Crazy Paris” Collection for Christmas 2013.  On Monday, I showed you the nail varnish in Sulfurous and the UV topcoat, and yesterday, it was the turn of the new Rouge G in Provocative.  Today it’s the turn of what is the cornerstone of any Guerlain Christmas collection, Les Meteorites Perles: Thankfully back in a tin […]

13th December 2012

Guerlain SS13 Meteorites Perles Du Paradis

  No Guerlain collection is really complete without a new set of Meteorite perles. These slightly sparkling, and highly scented (of violets), beads of colour are highly flattering in use, and I find myself reaching for my pots of them quite regularly.  They’re particularly effective for the … er … more mature lady, as they don’t leave you with too matte a finish to your […]

22nd November 2012

Wedding Preparation with Slendertone Face

It is less than 90 days till the “wedding of the weekend”* takes place, and, I have to admit, I’m getting a bit nervous now.  The dress is bought, the invitations have been posted, the rings are ordered, we’ve tasted the cake(s), booked the band, bought approximately 58,754,665,476 boleros in an attempt to cover up my bingo-wings (know anybody who needs a silvery bolero?  Cheap?), […]

31st October 2012

Current Skincare – Night & Day

I’ve been ill recently, necessitating a more than a couple of hospital trips, and it means I need a small procedure later on in the year. It’s nothing too serious, but the feeling of being more rundown than usual has been showing in my skin, and as a result I’ve had to break out some of the big guns in my skincare arsenal.  Far from […]

28th October 2012

Sneaky Peek …

My desk fills up with random beauty clutter throughout the week whilst I’m figuring out what I want to be writing about.  I wander around the flat, picking things up as inspiration strikes, and it all ends up here. Along with random wrappers and press releases and, well, stuff.  As you can see, perfume and skincare have been on my mind at the moment.  All […]

7th June 2012

Hot Weather Saviours

What do you mean it’s cold out?  Well, I wrote this during the hot weather we had recently, and these products were a godsend.  A godsend, I tell you.  So, there’s no harm in leaving this post as it is, there will be hot weather again … at some point … Dove Natural Touch Deodorant with Dead Sea Minerals Cool-scented with cucumber (rather strongly scented, […]

9th January 2012

My 8 Week Challenge with Phillips ReAura

This innocuous looking bit of kit is a laser. Or, as Dr Evil* might have it, a “lay-zor”.  Actually, it’s a home facial re-surfacing gadget from Philips, and it’s called a Re-Aura.  Retailing at just shy of £800, this has been in my beauty cupboard for the few weeks since it arrived. Because, I am, quite frankly, terrified of the flipping thing. But, I am […]