29th January 2009

Products I Love

There are so many cosmetic products out there these days, that products don’t really need to stand the test of time, there is always the latest “wonder product” to replace things with. For me, the test of whether a product is any good or not is “Will I buy it again?” and, in the vast majority of cases, the answer quite simply is no. Luzzegain […]

28th January 2009

How To: Cleanse Dry, Sensitive, Flaky Skin

I have dry, sensitive flaky skin, and I’ve suffered with it for years, buying ever more expensive, and heavy, moisturisers to try and deal with the problem. This, I’ve since found, is a shortcut to adult acne, which is never the greatest look. I have solved the problem somewhat though, mainly by changing my cleansing routine, and using a lighter moisturiser. The routine is as […]

27th January 2009

How To: Deal with Spots

We all get zits. Occasionally, we all get those hormonal enormozits that take ages to come to a head and then take what feels like months to disappear. Here’s my patented guide to dealing with zits. Required: Salicylic acid-based spot treatment Clay-based face mask Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream or similar Notes: The vast majority of topical spot treatments contain salicylic acid, but I can […]

26th January 2009

Handy Hints

Just little oddments of info I can’t make an entire post out of in themselves … If you’re getting a facial, always check out the skin of the person who’ll be treating you. If they have bad skin, don’t make the appointment! Generally, facialists use their own products, if they don’t work for them, they’re unlikely to work for you. Never accept recommendations for colours […]