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23rd May 2010

Lippie Chat – Fiona Parkhurst of Amie Skincare

Another Sunday, another profile of someone I think is doing interesting things in the beauty industry at the moment.  This week, please welcome Fiona Parkhurst of Amie Skincare:  Hi Fiona, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Well, I am a ‘working mum’ of two teenage kids – Harry who’s 16 and doing A/S Levels and Samantha who’s 14 and beauty and fashion-mad! I […]

28th November 2009

Eye Makeup Remover Challenge – Pt 3 The Final

It’s the final week of my eye makeup remover challenge!  The contenders are: Talika (100ml £12.72) – winner of last week’s high-end challenge, and Amie (125ml £4.75), the winner of the cheap and cheerful contest the week before. Both removers fared extremely well with my every day makeup, so this week, I’ve made it a bit more difficult. The Challenge: This is a version of […]

14th November 2009

Eye Makeup Remover Challenge – Pt 1

Even though I use cleansing oils to remove my makeup, it seems I’m still collecting eyemakeup removers at a rate of knots for some reason!  This isn’t entirely a bad thing, as I do love me my full on lashes and liner, even with a “natural” look, and sometimes, you just want those bad-boys OFF! If you’ve ever read my Products I Simply Can’t Live […]