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15th December 2015

Annick Goutal Noel Candle

We don’t actually have that many Christmas traditions at Lippie Mansions, now I come to think of it (stuffing your face, drinking booze for breakfast and watching too much telly are pretty much universal, aren’t they?  AREN’T THEY?) and we don’t really go in for Christmas decorations that much – we have a couple of muji Christmas trees, but that’s about as far as it […]

12th December 2011

My Pick of the Christmas Candles

I love candles, it’s no surprise to anyone reading this blog, really, I mention them a lot.  For a variety of reasons, we’re not having a lot of Christmas decorations this year, but one thing I couldn’t countenance was not making the new flat at least smell of Christmas.  Here are my pick of the best festive fragranced candles to make your house smell wonderful […]