Tag: Art Deco

20th December 2015

LipsNspritz of the Week 20.12.15

Well, unlike last week, there were no hugely stunning nasal revelations, alas, but there was still a lot to love about LipsNspritz this time around, and one nice discovery, which is good.  If you’re wondering what LipsNspritz actually is, it’s my way of smelling something different every day in an attempt to cure my parosmia, and a way to force myself to actually wear ALL […]

1st November 2015

LipsNspritz 31.10.15

   It was definitely a week of two halves, lipstick-wise at least! Bright reds, by Guerlain (Rouge Parade), Burberry (Military Red) and Art Deco (Dita Von Teese collection) were the order of the day, particularly on Wednesday, when I felt a real need for power dressing, which called for a hugely long-lasting red (as the Art Deco is), and when paired with Donna Karan Signature […]

22nd October 2013

Top Five Favourite Blushers

Since I had my colour-draping back in June, I’ve been looking to replace my not-quite-right golden coral blushes with something a little cooler and pinker. For a long time, I never wore blusher at all, fearing I’d look like a clown, or Aunt Sally or something, but I realise these days that my makeup simply isn’t complete without blusher, and finding the right shade is […]

1st November 2012

Art Deco Dita’s Classics

After being genuinely hugely impressed with several of the lipsticks from the Art Deco Dita’s Classics collection, I thought it was only fair to try some of the other products in the range.  I found the display in my local Debenhams, and after a peaceful half an hour swatching (the stands are unmanned), I made a selection of purchases of the powder-based products. First of […]

4th October 2012

How To De-Scent A Lipstick, featuring Art Deco

I mentioned de-scenting lipsticks on my Facebook page recently, and got lots of messages about blogging the method, so I thought I’d tie it into a review of two lipsticks that I bought recently (and really like) but had troubles with the smell of. Oops, always photograph before swatching, you ‘nana! Above you can see two Art Deco lipsticks in the velvet formula in 235 […]